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  • I don't know if

  • you've noticed this, but a lot of times

  • I find that I'm impatient to get to the next important thing happening

  • and so missing at the present moment because of my impatience

  • so to actually intentionally cultivate patience

  • and that kind of recognition that things

  • unfold in their own way

  • and that in some profound of way things cannot be hurried

  • so when we're always rushing to get someplace else

  • the byproduct that is that we never where we actually are

  • which is a tremendous sadness and a tremendous loss

  • sometimes we're impatient with other people sometimes we're impatient at work

  • sometimes we're impatient to get things done

  • but this wisdom of patience is something

  • that is also profoundly healing and restorative

  • and this is akin to recognizing as some children don't

  • when the for instance tried to make the butterfly come out

  • before its time from the chrysalis

  • that certain things can't be hurried

  • but things do unfaulty on time

  • so if we actually learn to be patient with ourselves

  • then we're inhabiting the present moment in ways that

  • have great comfort in great profundity

  • of both acceptance and wisdom associated with them

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介 中譯:牧行者

I don't know if

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0105-正念的九種心態-05-耐心-mindfulness 9 attitudes 05 patience-中英字幕

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