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  • Heavy: I fear no man. But that... THING...

  • It scares me.

  • The Pyro...

  • Scout: No-y, I.. I aint' talking about that freak alright?!

  • He's not here, Is he?

  • How I get this F**king thing off!?

  • Spy: One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask.

  • What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?

  • The Pyro is a very special class, It has medium HP (Health) and can ignite people and reflect them using it's Flame Thrower

  • It has 3 main weapons:

  • The Flame Thrower: Can burst flames at low range combat and can be very affective at them

  • The flames set the enemies on fire and they suffer from after-burn for a short period of time.

  • It can also reflect almost any projectile shot by the enemies (like Rockets).

  • The Shotgun: (as mentioned with The Soldier) has a medium-low range of combat and can be used to finish up and enemy if you run out of ammo

  • And the Fire Axe: Which can be used as your melee option if you run out of ammo.

  • Speaking of myself, I never really play with The Pyro

  • so we're going to see how can I use the 3 weapons to get some kills.

Heavy: I fear no man. But that... THING...

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