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  • about twenty five years ago or something like that in the early eighties there was a minority

  • of psychologists not affiliated necessarily but independently said look enough

  • we don't really think there's enough theory behind IQ tests which is really a major

  • criticism of IQ tests is there really isn't much there they were developed as we've

  • been talking about because of historical circumstance

  • so howard gardner %uh is

  • really the most prominent of these and he's the fellow who started starting at the %uh

  • early nineteen eighties came up with this idea of multiple intelligences and i think

  • in the beginning he had seven nine might get up to nine or something like that but they really

  • they're far broader than what the traditional psychologists view was so it would include %uh

  • interpersonal intelligence intra %uh personal intelligence

  • and musical intelligence bodily kinesthetic

  • so %uh

  • the old guard of psychology can't stand the idea still of course because

  • what they're interested in is something that they called g which stands for general intelligence

  • IQ tests don't work obviously if there are multiple intelligences there has to be just

  • one if they want to rank all six billion of us they've got to have this

  • test and intelligence that is just one thing

  • that operates regardless of what you're doing or where you are so if you're figuring out

  • a complex

  • physics problem it's the same intelligence that's operating if you're having a difficult conversation with

  • your mother or whatever it would be the same gardner would say I couldn't do either hahahaha

  • you know gardner would say they're different kinds of intelligence and you're good at some maybe and bad at others

  • that we're far more varied

  • what's interesting about gardener's he's not %uh i wouldn't imagine he's particularly pro test he didn't

  • he didn't do this to devise tests

  • so

  • as we've been talking about this a lot of what's going on is the it's the institutions that

  • use IQ tests in the SAT's and stuff like that

  • so institutions haven't grabbed onto howard gardner's

  • version of what intelligence is how could they

  • who the people who grabbed onto howard gardner are the educators

  • this excerpt is brought to you by the massachusetts school of law

about twenty five years ago or something like that in the early eighties there was a minority

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IQ, or Multiple Intelligence?

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    Chia-Yin Huang posted on 2016/09/30
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