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  • Your American Cancer Society has been saving lives for 100 years

  • and we've seen quite a few changes in our time.

  • What was the world like when we started?

  • A century ago, the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.

  • You could get a car in any color you wanted so long as it was black.

  • There were no PC's, smartphones, no internet, no vaccine for polio and

  • not much hope for someone diagnosed with cancer.

  • Back then only one in ten lives could be saved from the disease.

  • Cancer was a word spoken of only in whispers.

  • But in 1913, we came together to change all that.

  • We built an army of volunteers

  • who spread the word in communities across the country.

  • By the 1930s, our efforts were showing real results. More lives were being saved.

  • But we knew more could be done.

  • So, we enlisted the aid of prominent scientists and helped pioneer the field of cancer research.

  • Celebrities added their voices to the cause marshalling awareness

  • and resources for further research.

  • Our work led to major medical advances like chemotherapy

  • and we promoted the Pap test and mammography as important screening tools

  • helping save millions of lives in the process.

  • When lung cancer deaths skyrocketed in the nineteen fifties.

  • We were there demonstrating irrefutably the link between smoking and cancer.

  • We supported scores a promising young researchers with exciting new ideas.

  • The result groundbreaking advances that change medicine forever.

  • In fact, 46 of our funded researchers have gone on to win Nobel prizes for their work.

  • In 1971, we advocated for the passage of the National Cancer Act.

  • It brought federal focus and funding to the fight against cancer.

  • With greater resources and breakthrough

  • treatments saving more lives,

  • we opened a new front in the battle by providing first of their kind support programs and services for patients and survivors.

  • And with the help of our volunteers

  • we created the world's largest movement to end cancer

  • with unique fundraising programs and events to empower

  • and engage communities worldwide to finish the fight.

  • Today, two out of three people diagnosed with cancer are surviving

  • and we celebrate 400 more birthdays

  • every day that would have otherwise been lost.

  • Yes, the world has changed quite a bit since the started.

  • And no one has done more in the fight against cancer than we have.

  • But, there's still more to do and we need your help.

  • So make your voice heard.

  • Help finish the fight at

Your American Cancer Society has been saving lives for 100 years

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The History of the American Cancer Society

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