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  • Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer. And today's good idea comes from Miriam.

  • Miriam is from a family of Hoarders. They've got three houses that they are using as storage

  • units, not to mention that they can never find anything because it's always at one

  • of the other three places. Not to mention that you have to secure all your stuff.

  • You've got to pay to make sure nobody breaks in and steals your stuff, and

  • you have to keep all the weather and the elements off your stuff, like the wind and the rain

  • and whatever else is going to damage your property.

  • So keeping up with stuff requires a whole lot of emotional energy and time, and money

  • and why? Why are you hoarding all this stuff?

  • I get it, hoarding comes from a place of creativity - you see something that is broken, and you're

  • like "hey, I could use a piece of this to fix something over here. Awesome, I'm going to save it."

  • Or it comes from a place of scarcity, you buy something new,

  • but you save the old one that you have that currently works, in case this one breaks,

  • then you'll have a back up. Awesome.

  • But it's not really that awesome it it? When you have rooms, and closets, and garages

  • full of stuff that you don't know where anything is.

  • Now Miriam would send her parents away for a couple of days every year, and she and her siblings

  • would rent the city dump truck and they would haul away loads of junk to the junkyard.

  • And when the parents got home they would look around and like: "Wow, the place is beautiful. It's clean!"

  • Not realizing that half their stuff was missing.

  • They didn't even miss it. Okay, so, for me, to change my hoarding mentality,

  • I had to consider that I don't need most of the stuff I have.

  • I don't even need it. I don't use it. Why store it?

  • So get rid of all your stuff. And for me I picked Walmart. Walmart is my closet.

  • They're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they have all my stuff.

  • Everything that I need, Clothing, cables,cords, electrical, batteries, cleaning supplies,

  • and vitamins - it's all at Walmart.

  • And they have teams of people that have organized all the shelves. So when I need something,

  • I just go, it's right there. Pick exactly what I need.

  • And Walmart doesn't even charge me a monthly storage fee for all of the stuff I store there.

  • They only charge me for the items I take out of the store.

  • It's awesome! I don't even have to pay all the these other fees:

  • storage, shipping all that stuff. It's already paid for me, and built into the price of the few things I take.

  • So change your way of thinking.

  • In your home, everything should have a place, and everything should be in it's place.

  • It's very freeing and it's a great way to live, not to mention it's a good idea.

  • It's a good idea.

Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer. And today's good idea comes from Miriam.

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Help for Hoarders - It's a Good Idea

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    VoiceTube posted on 2016/09/26
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