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  • Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer and the other day I had to fire somebody. As the person

  • in charge, I don't like to fire people because I know I'm taking away their livelihood.

  • But if you find yourself in a situation where you have to fire someone,

  • here are a couple of things to keep in mind: Number 1: Does this person have a set of skills

  • that be utilized somewhere else in the company? And if the answer is yes, then reposition

  • them immediately. Number 2: If this person has done something

  • absolutely unforgivable and despicable and you have to let them go, then do it quickly.

  • Don't drag it on for six months and let them ruin your customers and your company morale

  • and all of your coworkers. Don't let them do that.

  • Number 3: Keep really good documentation of the reasons you're letting this person go,

  • just in the event that the situation escalates. Number 4: Anticipate the firing.

  • If you kind of think this person has a violent temper and you're going to have to call security

  • as she leaves the building, have security on standby. Don't leave your company at risk.

  • Number 5: Fire her in person. Don't phone her, don't text her, don't email

  • her, this is not a Facebook thing. Do it in person, at least give her that curteousy.

  • Number 6: Don't apologize. She probably knows she's getting fired and so do you.

  • Don't say you wish things were different because they're not.

  • Number 7: This is a business decision, it is not personal. So keep your emotions out of it.

  • You guys might have become really good friends while you were working together, but

  • guess what? Keep it very clean and concise, otherwise you will muddle up the meeting and

  • it will just send mixed messages. Number 8: Don't promise things you can't deliver,

  • don't say you're going to write her a letter of recommendation or you're going to help

  • her find another job, if in fact, you're not. Number 9: If you have a severance package

  • you can give her, now is the time. Soften that blow with a check.

  • If you have no severance package, at least give her the dignity of cleaning out her desk

  • when no one else is around. Don't make her do the walk of shame and walk

  • the box of stuff out in front of everyone else. Not cool.

  • And number 10: If you've removed a toxic person from your company, be done with it.

  • Don't rehash it on social media. Don't talk about it at the water cooler, don't talk about

  • it with your colleagues, or your coworkers, or your employees. Be done with it.

  • Let the firing be the gut punch. Don't leave a trail of blood behind.

  • If you have to fire someone, do it quickly, do it quietly, and do it professionally.

  • It will make the situation a whole lot easier, and it's a good idea.

  • It's a good idea.

Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer and the other day I had to fire somebody. As the person

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How to Fire a Toxic Employee - It's a Good Idea

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    VoiceTube posted on 2016/09/25
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