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  • Tonight it's my pleasure to introduce to you the new Playstation 4 line-up.

  • Sony’s beefed up PS4 console is finally here and its firepower may even impress some

  • PC gamers.

  • On the outside, the PS4 Pro looks burly, like a Mayan pyramid.

  • And the look fits considering the console’s pumped up performance.

  • The PS4 Pro boasts 4K resolution, that’s 4 times better than today’s high definition.

  • To handle that extra load, the system comes with a faster processor and more powerful

  • graphics.

  • In raw numbers, the PS4 Pro is capable of 4.2 trillion calculations per second, which

  • is more than double that of the previous model.

  • It also comes with a 1 terabyte hard drive, double the current capacity, and supports

  • HDR, which should mean more detail in dark areas of the picture.

  • PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the lines between console generations, instead the vision

  • is to take the PS4 experience to extraordinary new levels.

  • It’s the first console to support 4K gaming, but youll need a 4K TV to experience the

  • extra resolution.

  • The good news is that most 4K TV’s also come with HDR.

  • In addition, not every game will support 4K, but 4K streaming is already available through

  • Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and other services.

  • I’m happy to announce that a new Netflix app will be available for PS4 Pro at launch

  • and by the end of the year, 600 hours of 4K content will be available on Netflix.

  • Sony is also rolling out a more compact version of the Playstation 4.

  • The PS4 Pro will be available on November 10th for $399 and the slimmer PS4 will hit

  • the shelves on September 15th for $299.

  • By launching the console this year, Sony is getting a head start on the 4K gaming market, but Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is expected to be more powerful.

Tonight it's my pleasure to introduce to you the new Playstation 4 line-up.

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