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  • Did you know that as a pregnancy test, doctors used to inject women's urine inside female rabbits,

  • and the rabbits would then be killed to examine their ovaries and tell if the woman was pregnant.

  • What?!

  • Hello there children of pregnancy, Jules here for DNews!

  • In 2008, Thomas Beatie, a man, gave birth, not via c-section , to a healthy baby girl.

  • His pregnancy was a pretty big deal; he was on Oprah, became a public speaker, and later gave birth to two more children.

  • Beatie is one of a number of transgender men who have elected to have a child.

  • In 2014 in Australia alone, which is one of the few countries to track such statistics,

  • Medicare reported 54 men who had given birth, based on the gender noted in their medical documentation.

  • But one of the many non-heartwarming reactions to the Beatie story was that his pregnancy

  • didn't“count”, because he was designated female at birth and had a uterus, or a duderus.

  • Thankfully, these inexplicably angry detractors, are likely not medically trained professionals,

  • or they'd know that a uterus is by no means necessary for forming baby.

  • In fact, every one-in-ten thousand pregnancies ends up with the fetus coming to term in the

  • abdomen, specifically the peritoneal (parrot-toe-neal) cavity.

  • This can happen when, after conception, the egg moves towards the uterus but falls out of the fallopian tube into the abdomen.

  • There have even been cases of simultaneous uterine and abdominal pregnancies,

  • which makes the kids more like neighbors than womb-mates.

  • Any pregnancy where the fetus develops outside the uterus is known as "ectopic",

  • and serves as a useful model for what happens to babies born outside of standard conditions,

  • say, within a man's abdomen.

  • One fascinating take away is that these abdominal pregnancies are more likely to result in a female birth than a male one, by a ratio of roughly 2 to 3.

  • Turns out, male fetuses are much worse at surviving an uncomfortable gestation environment,

  • although for both sexes, abdominal pregnancies very rarely produce a live birth.

  • Nonetheless, the fact that fetuses can develop outside of the uterus has raised serious questions

  • about whether it would be possible for men to have such an ectopic implantation.

  • And, it's a tricky subject.

  • On the one hand, a number of doctors say that such an pregnancy would be completely possible:

  • the embryo would be implanted in the abdomen, the placenta would attach to abdominal organs,

  • and delivery would be done by C-section.

  • Any missing pregnancy hormones could be supplemented with injections.

  • But despite the theoretical capability, no man, or woman, or any person,

  • has yet to go through with such an implantation, mainly because, on its face, it is an incredibly dangerous procedure.

  • One bioethicist explained that the question wasn't "Can a man do it", but "Can he survive it?".

  • So for humans, the answer is pretty decidedly "Yes, but in some cases, it might kill you."

  • But forget about humans for a secondwhat about seahorses?

  • Great question.

  • Seahorses are a member of the Syngnathidae (sig-natha-die) fish family, most of which display a fascinatingly unique form of pregnancy.

  • Male seahorses have a special pouch, or what we can call a "womb", on the front side of their tails.

  • When male and female seahorses mate, the female deposits her eggs into the male's pouch,

  • where they gestate for roughly one to six weeks before the male "gives birth" to

  • a bunch of tiny seaponies.

  • Just kidding, they're still called seahorses, and the baby ones are called "Frys",

  • and also ponies aren't baby horses anyway, a pony is just a type of horse.

  • The more you know!

  • So, can men get pregnant?

  • Hell yes, they totally can, and some even have.

  • But most don't, since in most cases it's super dangerous,

  • and it's hard to see a reason to do so unless you're a bodybuilder doctor trying to prove the effectiveness of fertility drugs

  • that the FDA won't let you test on women,

  • so Danny DeVito convinces you to test it out on yourself, and later you become the Governor of California.

  • So men can get pregnant but do we really even need women's eggs to get pregnant?

  • Can we just do it with sperm and like a toe nail?

  • Maybe!

  • Find out in this video.

  • So how do you think the world would be different if men got pregnant on a regular basis?

  • Let us know down below in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe for more DNews every single day.

Did you know that as a pregnancy test, doctors used to inject women's urine inside female rabbits,

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