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  • Preparing your presentation.

  • The first place to start in thinking about becoming an effective and

  • efficient presenter is your preparation. It's worth remembering the prior

  • planning prevents poor performance.

  • So how do you prepare?

  • Well, here's what I do. I take a blank piece of paper, whether I'm doing a five

  • minute presentation or five hour presentation.

  • What I do is I write down on the left hand side, 'why', 'what', 'how' and 'what's next'.

  • So, the 'why'. Why is your audience listening to you? Why you're listening

  • to me right now? Well, I'm guessing because you have a presentation coming up or you

  • do presentations and you wanna get better.

  • So that's the 'why'. The 'what'.

  • What are you going to be talking about? So in this video and I'm going to be talking about

  • preparation.

  • The "how" are the skills, the skills of how you

  • apply whatever it is that you're sharing with the audience. And the 'how' here of course is

  • The 'what's next'

  • is their call to action, what will the audience do

  • after you finish speaking for five minutes or for an hour, what's their call

  • to action? Are they going to think about something? Are they going take action?

  • Are they going to email you back? Are they going to buy your product?

  • So, thinking about your topic,

  • you need to have a 'why' for the audience to engage them.

  • 'Why' are they listening to you.

  • 'What' are you going to talk to them about.

  • 'How' is that going to impact them. What skills are they going to learn or what information

  • do they need to

  • process?

  • And finding 'what's next', what do they do

  • at the end of the presentation.

Preparing your presentation.

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