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Preparing your presentation.
The first place to start in thinking about becoming an effective and
efficient presenter is your preparation. It's worth remembering the prior
planning prevents poor performance.
So how do you prepare?
Well, here's what I do. I take a blank piece of paper, whether I'm doing a five
minute presentation or five hour presentation.
What I do is I write down on the left hand side, 'why', 'what', 'how' and 'what's next'.
So, the 'why'. Why is your audience listening to you? Why you're listening
to me right now? Well, I'm guessing because you have a presentation coming up or you
do presentations and you wanna get better.
So that's the 'why'. The 'what'.
What are you going to be talking about? So in this video and I'm going to be talking about
The "how" are the skills, the skills of how you
apply whatever it is that you're sharing with the audience. And the 'how' here of course is
The 'what's next'
is their call to action, what will the audience do
after you finish speaking for five minutes or for an hour, what's their call
to action? Are they going to think about something? Are they going take action?
Are they going to email you back? Are they going to buy your product?
So, thinking about your topic,
you need to have a 'why' for the audience to engage them.
'Why' are they listening to you.
'What' are you going to talk to them about.
'How' is that going to impact them. What skills are they going to learn or what information
do they need to
And finding 'what's next', what do they do
at the end of the presentation.
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Ep 1. How to Prepare a Presentation - Presentation Skills - Public Speaking

1210 Folder Collection
JIA published on September 23, 2016    brieven translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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