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[Love Will Have Its Sacrifices opening theme]
This just does not get any less gross.
Laura you ok? Did the books from the Poli Sci section get loose again?
No but our whole water supply did just turn to blood.
Apparently the Library thinks rogue biographies of Katherine the Great aren’t terrifying enough.
Are you really sure this is the library?
I mean I know it can be kind of unpredictable but that seems almost Biblical.
[Carm] Ugh.
Why are you two ruining my nap?
Did you let out another Bibliophage?
There’s been a small adjustment to our water supply.
Oh and this is bad news because?
Well for those of us who can’t properly digest haemoglobin…
Carm are you ok?
There is something very wrong with this blood.
I dunno it tastes like, dead.
Wouldn’t all blood taste kinda dead?
This isn’t like “yesterday” dead, or “three weeks ago” dead.
This is like “predates opposable thumbs” dead.
Ugh, I think I need to bleach my tongue.
Why would the library be messing with us?
I don’t think this is the library. This isn’t it’s M.O.
[Carm/LaF] Do you think this could be- / We were waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Strife. Pestilence. Now water into Blood.
Do you think she’s opened another Gate?
Sure, don’t worry about me.
Go do your Sherlock and Watson thing
‘cause it’s so impossible the Evil Book Repository is punking us.
[Library rumbles and shakes]
Sheesh I didn’t mean it personally or anything.
Where’d these come from?
[Strange noises from glasses]
OK. Yes. Very stylish but my eyesight is 20/20 thank you very much.
[More strange noises from the glasses. Think Ghostbusters]
I told you the library was up to its old tricks.
Did you or did you not just witness Felony Assault Eyewear?
Low grade telekinesis is just how it communicates.
So when it attacked us in the basement it just felt we were neglecting our Faulkner?
Yeah pretty much. Anything?
Other than eyestrain, no.
Wait, there are some kind of runes forming around the door?
Do you recognize them?
But I’m not sure that matters, they’re translating themselves.
Awesome. Can I just- OK. A) Ow. B) Do you recognize them? What do they say?
“Hello idiots.”
Well that sounds super mystical.
I think whoever wrote this could see the future.
How could you possibly know that?
“Yeah you, the vampire and the two drop-outs.”
They were totally able to see the future.
“You’re running out of time. If you want to stop her the Book of Lives is the first talisman.”
Anything else?
No. There was just some kind of date and bird sigil.
1874. That’s the year the University was founded.
“The Book of Lives is the first talisman.”
Did the Dean ever say something like that?
No but there’s got to be something to it. I’ve seen her use charms.
Y'know bracelets for protection, possession, amulets-
Please. Stop “her”? Books and talismans?
It’s creepy prophecy boilerplate.
Addressed specifically to us.
I’ve seen that bird symbol somewhere before.
Maybe in the Special Collection.
Feel up to a little research?
Not really.
We don’t even know that the Dean is behind the whole “dead blood” thing.
And I had plans to redo the Book Nook.
Right. I’m sure you’ve got some important stencilling to do.
Excuse me?
Just because I’m not flinging myself face-first into your Kill Bill quest to end your mother.
None of us will be free until she’s-
Dead. Pushing-up-daises, no-fog-on-the-mirror, definitely-not-coming back-dead.
You’ve been clear.
But since when do you have a problem with me choosing hand-crafts over mortal danger?
I don’t know.
Maybe I just remember a girl who rallied an entire University to find her missing roommate.
Maybe I remember everything that happened after that.
Do what you like.
But you know-
There’s a difference between learning from your past and letting it rule you.
[Incoming transmission bleeps]
Hello ducks, I’m not interrupting anything…important am I?
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Carmilla | S3 E2 "Bad Blood"

249 Folder Collection
莊可芊 published on September 16, 2016
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