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  • -Well, um... -(DOOR CLOSES)

  • You're looking at the past, present, and possibly future CEO

  • -of Pied Piper. -Ah! Ha-ha!

  • -RICHARD: Oh. -That is--

  • -(LAUGHS AWKWARDLY) -Oh, congratulations.

  • -RICHARD: Jared-- -My captain. O, Captain,

  • my captain. Rise up and hear the bells.

  • Rise up. For you the flag is flung.

  • For you the bugle trills.

  • -All right. Dismissed. -(CHUCKLES)

  • Well, uh... just to remind you,

  • Pied Piper is still a sinking ship, so...

  • Enough with the maritime metaphors.

  • This is honestly, like, the best birthday gift

  • that I ever could have asked for.

  • -It's your birthday? -Oh, I don't know.

  • The CPS worker couldn't find my birth certificate,

  • but... maybe now it is.

-Well, um... -(DOOR CLOSES)

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