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  • One of the best places to shoot Fez or any of these old Moroccan towns is

  • on top of these riads,

  • which aren't quite hotels,

  • and they're not quite homes, but they are something

  • old and renaissance and in between.

  • You know there's this idea that you go out into the world to find yourself.

  • I think that you actually create yourself. I think photography is probably one of

  • the best self discovery tools of our age, and I think that using travel as a proxy

  • for this is just a very interesting, kind of unexpected way to do that.

  • There are hundreds, thousands of places I'd love to go all around the world

  • but always high on my list has been Morocco.

  • All the little things you see...

  • the smells, the sounds, the music...

  • You hear the Muslim call to prayer.

  • It's almost like you

  • passed through this membrane into this parallel universe.

  • It's all just slightly and wonderfully different.

  • And I feel like I'm lost in time when you walk through these little streets.

  • One of the harder things about walking up and down these streets is that there's so much happening.

  • I call this...I'll call this photo "Explosive Mule."

  • So this is one of the most unique things about Fez

  • is these amazing leather tanneries.

  • It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything else like this anywhere else

  • in the world so it just feels so foreign and real and unbelievable

  • I mean it smells like the inside of a Tauntaun but it is unbelievable, look at that.

  • We're on our way to a place called Chefchaouen.

  • The unbelievable thing about this town is that everything in it is painted blue.

  • One of the greatest things about

  • this town

  • of Chefchaouen

  • is that nobody knows about it. It's like a pristine jewel in the world.

  • "Yes, what's your name, my friend?" "Hamud"

  • I find that when I travel, if I don't take pictures of the people, that I regret it.

  • "Oh, that was a beautiful, that was a beautiful photo."

  • "Oh, love, like picture!"

  • I think that most people on Earth are generally good, nice, welcoming, open people.

  • "Thank you for inviting us to your terrace."

  • This has been my experience. "Beautiful, beautiful work."

  • I think so much of what I do as a photographer is uncomfortable

  • and in the unknown.

  • There's always situations that I'm not used to and I'm uncomfortable with.

  • This is a wonderful thing actually to become comfortable with the

  • uncomfortable, and just being open and just moving through the world.

  • Then everything unfolds exactly the way it's supposed to.

  • Photography, for me, is not only a way to get to know myself or discover myself,

  • it's also a way for me to communicate parts of myself to the world

  • and so this idea, that you get to

  • to discover yourself and create yourself through photography is a very powerful one,

  • and it's one that I'm always experiencing. It has opened my eyes to everything that's

  • possible in this world.

  • And I feel totally creative and alive... it's really changed everything.

One of the best places to shoot Fez or any of these old Moroccan towns is

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Trey Ratcliff - Passport through Morocco

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