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... just gotta sit down for this Dear Ryan.
Hey guys!
Yeah I got some new shirts if you couldn't tell.
Not that i would plug stuff. I don't do that, remember?
Hey guys. Welcome back to another episode of Dear Ryan.
It's just because there were so many comments in the last video,
the reason why there's rings in my eyes, I don't know if you guys can see it,
everybody kept saying things like
"What? His eyes look so weird."
I've done this before. I've had... it's just a light.
Guys, it's a ring light, it's a light in the shape of a ring.
A bunch of other YouTubers use the same exact thing.
If you ever look into someone's eyes and see a ring, they're using a ring light.
Or we're all possessed by the devil.
The devil of circles. Rings?
I don't even think that's a demonic thing.
Or we're all possessed by ringworms. That's gross and itchy.
I wrestled. I had it. i don't know why I'm telling you that.
That's not attractive. Sorry guys.
There is so many Dear Ryan's. Let's just... let's just get into it.
Here, let me just cut it real quick.
Reach over here and cut the video.
Right... click... right... cut it right... ha ha ha
Dear Ryan: can you ride a hover board while carrying your friends?
Well I mean I can carry a friend, but if you're talking about friends,
not the DVD I assume,
I can carry a friend. i'm pretty sure I can carry one person and get on a hover board,
but friends, as in plural, as in multiple friends? I'm not too sure.
I wonder what the record is? This has got to be a thing already.
Record for the most people on a hover board.
I don't see any records.
Well you know what? We are gonna set the world record right now.
We're gonna try and get at least five people on one hover board.
Let go!
Alright Derek.
This is so stable
One, two, three.
Oh my god we're good.
Woah, woah
I'm losing it, I'm losing it!
Hold on, hold on!
You're good. You're good.
I have my left leg up.
We're good, good, good, good.
I'm on! I'm on!
Oh my god!
We did it for like two seconds!
It broke!
It happened.
Dear Ryan: please do the rap over from memory I wanna see you try it
For those of you who didn't see that video, that Dear Ryan challenged me to turn Disney's "Frozen: Let It Go" song into a rap song.
And people thought it was kinda good, for some reason.
Even though I just made it on GarageBand in like ten seconds.
Not ten seconds, it took me like a couple of hours.
I'm assuming people think I can't do it.
I haven't listened to the song since, so I'm gonna listen to it once
and see if I can still remember the lyrics. But I'll do my best.
I'm gonna do it without the beats. I'll probably do it even faster than how the song was.
Let it go!
Ok I got it. Thats all I needed, thats all I needed.
Dear Ryan: do a try not to laugh challange
Try not to laugh challenge. Hhere we go.
-Cheers. -Cheers.
-Big gulp yeah? -Yep.
-I'm so sorry dude! -That went up my nose bro!
-Lets try again. -I don't know if i want to do that again
-Cheers. -Cheers.
You spit into my cup.
I'm sorry. Its ok, I'm ready to drink some water.
This is the tie breaker. Winner takes all.
Dear Ryan, Can you act out one of those kids who creates copies of your videos?
This is like one of my.pet peeves.
You guys know which people these guys are.
These are people who upload other people's videos
-- it specifically happens a lot on Facebook but youtube as well--
without their permission. But they add a little clip of themselves in the beginning talking about the clip.
And they even throw on their own logo, as if they own that video, to help build their own brand.
Yeah, I'm assuming those are the people you're talking about.
This is the internet, ok? People don't copy each others' videos, that's wrong.
You have got to see how this guy reacts to a Dear Ryan.
"People don't copy each others' videos. That's wrong."
Oh my gosh! You have got to watch this guy's video telling me to watch a reaction to this Dear Ryan.
You have got to see how this guy reacts to a Dear Ryan.
*layers of speech*
I get it, you guys steal videos. You shouldn't be doing that in the first place but if you're gonna steal a video, steal the video!
You don't have to put your reaction to the video you just stole, we don't care about that. Nobody does!
This guy gets so mad.
*More layers of speech*
Dear Ryan: can you please make a 'Reading Mean Comments' video?
I'm assuming this comes from like that
Jimmy Fallon?... Jimmy Kimmel?... One of the Jimmy's.
I'm assuming you mean like the 'Mean Tweets' thing.
Oh! It's Jimmy Kimmel.
I mean we could try, but i'm pretty sure we're not gonna find anything.
Like, we never get mean comments.
So all of us here at RHPC, we're so loved.
Oooohhhh... golly!
It's kinda true.
That means I was ugly already to start with.
Ah! No wonder I kinda stink here.
Okay, yeah I'll die.
I'll dye your face red with your own blood,
you f#@%
Dear Ryan: can you hit a trick shot in real life?
Dude, it's so close, it's like right there.
**broken glass**
**broken glass**
Oh my god, the end of this trick shot video
**layers of speech**
So thank you guys again so much for watching. If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes, click on the left.
If you want to see the previous video, click the one on the right.
And remember to keep leaving your Dear Ryan comments in the comments section below.
...Dear Ryan comments, in the comments section below.
That's kinda like a tongue twister.
Could you guys just leave your Dear Ryan comments, in the comments section below?
I don't know. Hey I'm still doing it.
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Reading Mean Comments! (Dear Ryan)

15172 Folder Collection
郭璧如 published on September 21, 2016
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