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Since being prepared for a build is just as important as the build itself, here is what
I think the top 10 tools and supplies every Do it yourself fish keeper should always have
on hand. Coming in at #8 9 and 10 are power tools.
At number 10 is the miter saw. This tool will make chopping up 2X4's for that stand you
need to build short work. Getting wood cut can be done right at the store in most cases
though, so this ranks low. At number 9 is the table saw. While more expensive
than the miter saw, it is capable of more. When it comes to cutting PVC pipe or acrylic,
it can do that as well. For cutting acrylic, I would suggest a 60 to 80 tooth carbide tip
blade with triple chip design. Getting sheets cut to your requirements can also be done
at the store, so this also ranks low like the miter saw.
The last power tool comes in at number 8 is the power drill. Drilling holes and drilling
in screws is simply all too common with DIY. A power drill is simply a must. Some good
attachments to have are a variety of bits to use with screws and then some hole saws.
A wood hole saw will be great on wood obviously, but also works with acrylic. Then a Diamond
coated hole saw will drill hole through glass. An extra set of hands is always a good idea.
So clamps come in at number 7. With many types of clamps available, having
at least one set of a type could make a job much easier.
At number 6 are tapes and adhesives. Painters tape and electrical tape are always in my
tool box. Painters tape is great for using as a guide for painting or applying silicone
without making a big mess. While electrical tape is strong enough to hold things together
like aquariums while you work on them, without leaving a sticky residue behind.
An adhesive I always have is PVC cement. There are a couple other adhesives you should have,
but they appear later on in this list. Coming in at #5 is razor blades. These come
in handier than you might think. They can be used to clean aquariums, remove silicone
or even make small precision cuts. At number 4 is hand held acrylic tools.
Cutting acrylic by hand can be done with a handheld acrylic etcher.
While preparing the edges can be done with a hand held acrylic scraper. Prepared edges
of an acrylic panel is arguably the most important factor to building an acrylic tank because
After all, a perfect seam starts with clean edges. While an acrylic scraper works good,
the back of a hack saw blade actually works better.You should also have an applicator
for the cement to weld acrylic together. Cements that I always have on hand for acrylic is
weld on 4 for welding seams together and weld on 16 for spots that need thicker cement like
pin holes or small leak. Since glass aquariums are the more popular
aquarium to build, glass hand held tools come in at number 3.
Simply put, if you want to cut glass at home, you need a handheld glass cutter. Obviously
you need silicone as well, so having a large tube of aquarium safe silicone on hand is
also needed. To make the silicone job much easier, get a caulking gun to apply it.
At number 2 are measuring tools. Whether you are measuring lengths, levels or even angles,
these are a must. Make sure you have a measuring tape, a level and a square. These will prove
to be a must for almost any project. The number one aquarium tool that you could
possibly attack any project with is. A second opinion.
Getting some feedback, discussing an idea, brainstorming solutions and getting suggestions
is the best thing you can do before starting any project.
So that was my list of my top 10 DIY aquarium tools. No obviously there are many other items
and tools and supplies that you could possibly use, however these are the ones that I use
the most. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video
I also want to thank you for watching and we will see you next time.
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TOP 10 DIY aquarium tools and supplies

1017 Folder Collection
Cai Xin Liu published on September 8, 2016
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