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Hey, it's Mike and we're here with the Yukon overhaul. Matt and I just finished putting
in a set of the JL Audio C2650 6.5" component systems - woofer, tweeter, cross-over - in
each of the front doors. We've already put in copious amounts of Dynamat. We've put in
the Alpine CDA-9887 and, if you've been reading the blog, you know that we're planning to
do a lot more with they system. This is a step-by-step overhaul, and we're trying to
evaluate the sonic upgrades as we go. So in that spirit, let's see if we can't tell the
difference between the factory and the aftermarket speakers here. We've left the rear speakers
in the back are stock factory speakers right now, so what I'd like to do is play a cut
of music - one of the mixes in progress from the Sokoband album - and start, fade to the
rear of the vehicle and start, and gradually fade forward so you can hear the difference
in sound from the back to the front and then back again. I wanted to, sort of, give a shout
out to Canon, who has provided this great high definition video camera for us. It's
actually and SLR. It's the new SX1 IS digital SLR, but it has HD video capability. And hopefully,
the audio quality will be sufficient so that on your computer speakers at home, you'll
be able to hear these differences. Okay, so now we're going to listen to the song called
'Jiriki.' It starts with some solo piano, then the rhythm section kicks in, and some
soaring guitar. We're going to start with the rear factory speakers, we're going to
fade forward to the aftermarket JL component system and then we're going to gradually fade
back. Hopefully, it'll translate through your computer speakers and you'll hear the sound
open up and close back in. Let's try it.
All the way to the front now. Detail and accuracy, lots of information. I'm going to fade back.
I'm going to mix the front and rear now. Heavy bass res is because of that. And back into
the rears. Just in time for the drum solo. Well, hopefully, that was the...that you can
hear the sound open up, fill in, collapse back down. Also the tonal characteristics,
much more richness. It's pretty obvious.
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Factory vs. Aftermarket Speakers in your Car | Crutchfield Video

1683 Folder Collection
Cai Xin Liu published on September 8, 2016
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