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  • Hey, it's Mike and we're here with the Yukon overhaul. Matt and I just finished putting

  • in a set of the JL Audio C2650 6.5" component systems - woofer, tweeter, cross-over - in

  • each of the front doors. We've already put in copious amounts of Dynamat. We've put in

  • the Alpine CDA-9887 and, if you've been reading the blog, you know that we're planning to

  • do a lot more with they system. This is a step-by-step overhaul, and we're trying to

  • evaluate the sonic upgrades as we go. So in that spirit, let's see if we can't tell the

  • difference between the factory and the aftermarket speakers here. We've left the rear speakers

  • in the back are stock factory speakers right now, so what I'd like to do is play a cut

  • of music - one of the mixes in progress from the Sokoband album - and start, fade to the

  • rear of the vehicle and start, and gradually fade forward so you can hear the difference

  • in sound from the back to the front and then back again. I wanted to, sort of, give a shout

  • out to Canon, who has provided this great high definition video camera for us. It's

  • actually and SLR. It's the new SX1 IS digital SLR, but it has HD video capability. And hopefully,

  • the audio quality will be sufficient so that on your computer speakers at home, you'll

  • be able to hear these differences. Okay, so now we're going to listen to the song called

  • 'Jiriki.' It starts with some solo piano, then the rhythm section kicks in, and some

  • soaring guitar. We're going to start with the rear factory speakers, we're going to

  • fade forward to the aftermarket JL component system and then we're going to gradually fade

  • back. Hopefully, it'll translate through your computer speakers and you'll hear the sound

  • open up and close back in. Let's try it.

  • All the way to the front now. Detail and accuracy, lots of information. I'm going to fade back.

  • I'm going to mix the front and rear now. Heavy bass res is because of that. And back into

  • the rears. Just in time for the drum solo. Well, hopefully, that was the...that you can

  • hear the sound open up, fill in, collapse back down. Also the tonal characteristics,

  • much more richness. It's pretty obvious.

Hey, it's Mike and we're here with the Yukon overhaul. Matt and I just finished putting

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