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  • I hear the new iPhone’s got an amazing sexting camera...I mean selfie cam.

  • Hi everyone it’s Ali for D News.

  • Sexting is super controversial and yet it happens all the time!

  • Sexting = sex + texting. But this can mean a lot of things. Dirty talk over texts, risque

  • photos, or stripping selfies. Today I’m going to focus on sending and receiving nudie

  • pics.

  • In a recent review of the research, Deakin University psychologists discovered that 12%

  • of teenagers send dirty digital images and around 12% of teens receive them. The data

  • skyrockets when you look at young adults - almost 49% of young adults send and 57% receive sexts.

  • That’s a lot of naughty bits getting sent around the interwebs!

  • People who do this aren’t dumb, they know bad things can happen. 75% of teens and and

  • 71% of young adults understand the consequences. Private photos could get passed along to other

  • people and that might lead to bullying and sexual abuse, your phone could be hacked and

  • things get leaked to the public, your ex could blackmail you, as former congressman Anthony

  • Weiner taught us, you can lose your job over a sext, and if youre under 18 you might

  • get sent to jail for havingchild porn”.

  • Just think about that for a moment - in most states two consenting 16 year olds can have

  • sex but if they take photos theyre breaking the law.

  • Some states are trying to change the laws on sexting so if minors are caught they have

  • to pay a fine, do community service, and attend a prevention program. Embarrassing yes, but

  • better than a criminal offense.

  • There’s no one reason why people sext. 85% do it to because they want to start sexy time.

  • 80% want attention from their partner. 65% are just flirting. 30% send sexts because

  • theyre pressured to. It’s not just people who are hooking up - a lot of couples in long

  • term relationships send naked photos to stay connected when theyre away from each other.

  • Youve heard the horror stories - someone, usually a woman, is pressured into sending

  • a nude photo, and then that photo gets shared all over the place. That does happen - about

  • 17% of people who receive a sext share it with their friends to show off, make a joke,

  • or do it out of boredom. And yes, it seems like males are more likely to pressure females

  • by sending them texts like, “Show me your boobs! Youre only sending it to me. I’ll

  • delete it after I see it! Don’t be all stuck up”. Giving in to the pressure is risky.

  • Social media makes it easy to share photos and people can this without having to interact

  • with you in person. That removes empathy and guilt from the equation which would normally

  • keep people from breaking your trust.

  • But most sexts end up just where theyre supposed to. Under the right circumstances,

  • sexy texts can lead to a sexy relationship. Drexel University’s Emily Stasko and Pamela

  • Geller recently completed a study of 870 adults between the ages of 18 and 82. Yes - senior

  • citizens sext too, don’t be all agist people! What they found is not only did 88% of their

  • sample try sexting at least once in their lives, but those who did had higher levels

  • of sexual satisfaction. This relationship was stronger for those in committed relationships

  • as long as the both wanted to dabble in some smartphone sexiness. If one person wanted

  • to sext but the other didn’t, it was related to lower levels of satisfaction. If this finding

  • continues to pan out in future studies, then sexting might get incorporated into couples

  • therapy as a way of increasing intimacy.

  • Sexting is here to stay folks. It’s easy to do and our culture is beginning to change

  • its views on nude images. That’s why the Miss America CEO recently apologized to Vanessa

  • Williams for taking away her crown 32 years ago after nude photos of her were published.

  • The real issue is consent - is this something both individuals want to do or is something

  • you are being pressured to do? If you think about it like that, then sexting is just another

  • aspect of normal human sexual behavior and part of a larger discussion we need to have

  • about consent.

  • What do you think about sexting? Let me know in the comments below. And if you wanna know

  • more about how normal, plain-old, non-dirty TEXTING affects our relationships, check out

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I hear the new iPhone’s got an amazing sexting camera...I mean selfie cam.

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