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Baymax, get us out of here!
Go for the transmitter behind his mask!
All right, what's the plan?
It's Fred Time.
Super Jump!
Heavy Crush!
Falling hard!
Seriously, what's the plan?
Get the mask.
Right behind you!
For real, what is the plan?
Uh, you wanna dance, masked man?
Huh? Cause you'll be dancing with these!
Hand over the mask or you'll get a taste of THIS!
And a little bit of THAT!
Hey! I did alright! (heh heh) Is that all you got?
Oh, you got that too?
Back into the fire!
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Big Hero 6 vs. "Mr. Kabuki"

14052 Folder Collection
Vanessa Chiou published on September 8, 2016    Su Kids translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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