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Dear fellow curious minds and world explorers,
It’s come to our attention that many folks , including us, have been enjoying the excitement
that is Pokemon Go. It’s created a great sense of adventure and lust to get out, explore
the world, and catch’em all!
But, dear friends, please don’t forget about the Pokemon in REAL LIFE. You know, like the
electric, poison AND water Pokemon the Platypus. It’s one of the only egg laying and venomous
mammals! Not to mention they use electroreception to locate their prey. Or what about the ever
mysterious Dark, Ground pokemon the raccoon, using their high intelligence to remember
solutions to tasks for up to three years.
Of course there are many rare Pokemon to find around planet earth, too; try looking for the
Psychic, Ground star-nosed mole with it’s twenty-two pink fleshy appendages on it’s
snout hosting 25,000 minute sensory receptors. Or the Blue Dragon nudibranch, which floats
upside down in the water using surface tension, and camouflages with the water. This treehopper
is a rare Grass and Bug pokemon, with a unique horn-like extension or helmet. And, who’s
THAT Pokemon? Why it’s the red-lipped batfish, which uses its pectoral fins to walk on the
ocean floor, and the structure on it’s head to attract prey. Much like the lures in Pokemon
GO attract you! You may not want to take on the rhinoceros beetle though. This fighter
can lift 850 times its own weight! If you had this strength, you could lift close to
two 18-wheeler trucks.
While you’re chasing Caterpie, why not look for caterpillars? An awesome creature that
literally evolves from one form to another. Many of which create beautiful metallic
looking chrysalises in the process. Found a pidgey? Look around and you might see a
pigeon too! This amazing bird can learn to distinguish every letter of the alphabet,
and many have the unique ability to find their way home over huge distances using megnetoreception.
And if you come across a geodude, it never hurts to stop and check out the local rocks,
which can be pretty dang neat too.
These pokemon have always been all around us, which is why we are proposing the Pokemon
IRL challenge, inspired by Asia Murphy who created the rules for this game. Simply find
or pick an animal that inspires you, break down it’s powers and unique attributes and
then share with the world using the hashtag #PokemonIRL. Extra points if you took the
picture yourself! Found a creature during your adventures you aren’t sure about?
Snap a photo and use the hashtag #PokeBlitz to have others help you figure out what it is!
And spread this video to get others inspired by the natural world! We’ll be sharing our
favourites on twitter and instagram, so follow and tag us in your discoveries!
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Pokémon in REAL LIFE?

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吳D published on August 27, 2017    Cloudy Wu translated    Angel Cheng reviewed
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