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Me, myself and I
don't see eye to eye
Me, myself and I
don't get alone
Me, myself and I can finally say goodbye
and I don't wanna sound mean
But I tell you that I'm happy without me
I've been holding me back!
but now I'm on own track! we're done.
Finito! I'm free!
From here on out we can both exist peacefully
without all of this trouble and internal strife!
Now that we're separated
We can do anything
So don't that the door hit you
Have a nice life!
(Have a nice life!)
I'm through with myself
I'm better off without her
I'm better off-ff
don't get alone!
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飛哥與小佛 - 我的兩種人格 | 中英字幕 (Me Myself And I)

356 Folder Collection
容容 published on September 3, 2016
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