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You're gonna love
You're gonna love, just what this car can do
We tricked it out
A simple push of a button changes,
the pattern and the hue
On your sweet ride
My sweet ride!
Look! The visor's a vanity!
And the glove box has real hands
It steers itself
There's a trophy shelf
And it opens And if you need a rocket engine,
you'll be the envy of the whole gang
My car has a turret that goes
Boom ba-ba-boom ba-bang-a-bang-bang
Ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom ba-bang-a-bang-bang
We're gonna cruise
Cruising with our friends
Follow me, we're almost there!
Deploy the chutes!
Let's deploy the chutes, Ferb
There's romance in the air
There's nothing I'd rather do,
than take a moonlight drive with you
In your sweet ride!
My sweet ride!
All: Yeah!
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飛哥與小佛 - 浪漫兜風 | 中英字幕 (My Sweet Ride)

3796 Folder Collection
容容 published on September 1, 2016
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