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My name is Stella,
and I'm the co-director of a sculpture park in the City called Sculpture in the City.
Sculpture in the City is a fascinating project which we started working on three years ago
and it's a sculpture park, so we install contemporary sculpture
around all the towers in the City of London
and at the eastern end around the Gherkin, Lloyds, the new Leadenhall building,
which we call the cheese grater,
and looking at it you have this incredible juxtaposition of the newest towers ever been built
right next to a 16th century church.
Here we have these wonderful sculptures by Antony Gormley, there's actually two of them.
They are called Parallel Field and as you can see,
they are explicitly sited here because they're in a very strong pedestrian flow
and on the pavement they look absolutely stunning
Okay so here we have a Robert Indiana work, it's called One Through Zero.
We call it numbers for obvious reasons.
They're a great play on the city, how people perceive the city, and many people
often joke and say, so you're
teaching the bankers how to count
and I guess you could argue that that's what we're doing.
So the wonderful thing about being up here in
Sushi Samba on the 39th floor of the Heron Tower
on a crystal blue sunny day is that you're high up enough to have the city
literally glistening like a beautiful jewel at your feet.
I think the city itself
has so many different layers. I mean I love going to the roof terrace
on top of One New Change. On the 6th floor you have this
very intimate view of St Paul's and that's one of the wonderful things about London.
We're so lucky to live in this
incredible city. London is spectacular.
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The London Story - Sculpture in the City

2806 Folder Collection
Una Li published on August 29, 2016    Una Li translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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