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I’m not here to just throw another definition:
“peace is the state when you become a vegetable”.
This is what most people define it as!
You have no more desires,
you sit on top of a mountain with your eyes closed,
and a lot of people think that you’re a vegetable at that point.
No. No!
Peace is within you.
Right now, right now! Right now, peace is within you.
You know that? Did you know that? Right now, it’s within you,
so why don’t you define it for me?
Feel it,
and you will realize, there are no words adequate for that description.
Peace is
when this heart
is filled with a gratitude
for what you have been given,
without wanting more.
Peace is when you understand the value of this blessing,
called the breath, that you have been given.
Peace is to admire
that one beautiful lifetime,
every single day.
So I haven’t defined it,
but I have told you what I feel peace is.
It’s a smile,
it’s a tear,
it’s a feeling,
and when you know it,
there is no mistaking it.
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Peace is ...

242 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on August 27, 2016
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