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Creating beautiful art in a very different way.
16-year-old Robaba Mohammadi was born with partial paralysis of her limbs.
But hasn't let that stop her drawing.
Instead of sketching with her fingers she uses her mouth.
And its given her a great deal of strength.
Robaba says before she started drawing she was so depressed and cried at least two or
three times a day.
"Before I starting drawing, I was hopeless and when my sisters and brothers were going
to school I always said to myself 'See, they are younger than me but they have gained lots
of knowledge, such as writing and studying but me, I am not even able to write my own
I was so depressed I was even crying two or three times a day."
In Afghanistan disability is often perceived as a weakness.
Not for Robaba though - she started drawing two years ago and now has lofty goals.
"My dream is to hold my art exhibition in Aga Khan Museum which is one of the biggest
museums in Canada, and I'm requesting my people to help me in order to reach my dream which
is having my art exhibition in Canada."
Hopefully Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take notice and speed up the process.
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Disabled Afghan teenager draws incredible portraits with her mouth

205 Folder Collection
Aster Wei published on August 25, 2016
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