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Failure concentrating
Body/motor responses hesitating
Soul/ego shaking
Blur between daydreams and awakening
Loss of control and perpetual
Sense that luck and light are fading
No more ruminating
Shake the strife off your life or keep on waiting
That's my situation
Can't escape 'cause to run is degradation
No expectations
Still I fight to bite temptation
Got to be brave as I unenclave
Find the prize is my fixation, I'm
Still holding onto my pride
Is this the shine of a wine-toasted victory
Or is it just a sad bitter sigh of defeat?
I'll take it either way
If fate is just a play
I'm tying the strings up starting today
Sound the chime, golden time
Steal perfection in its prime
Take your place, poker face
Ready for the race
I will choose to refuse the illusion
And shatter the nightmare
Faking tame, pressure game
Win or lose it's all the same
Pay the fine, border line
Hapless to divine
If there's any how many and when
Will these games find an Ender?
What's the last thing I want to surrender?
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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 3 English by [Y.Chang] HD creditless

1602 Folder Collection
Study English published on August 21, 2016    Study English translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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