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I'm Scott Mills from BBC radio 1
and I'm Chris Stark
we're with Will Smith and Margot Robbie
and we are about to play a game that is
playground insults
they are sitting face to face
both staring each other out
please don't hold back guys
you know each other well
What's said in this room is just a game
it's a safe zone
neither of you should take the insults personally
you work together a few times
the insults will leave the room when you do
all you have to do is try to make the other laugh
so the sillier of the insults the better
I think today
Margot Robbie to start
your ears stick out so much
I could use them as an antennas
and connect to the Wifi
in my Mom's house back in Australia
if I want to
talk about my mom
I can't do this in your Mom's home
my mom she's gonna watch this
this is the problem
- cause we know too much about each other -we know way too much
or you could use your "finding Dory pins" on your sweater
to contact your mom through underwater telepathic way
that's how we do it in Australia
this is so hard this is so hard
you just wanna say something about my mom
I know you do
we're talking about your mother so bad
it's a safe zone
until you mention my mom
you are so old so I had to google “the fresh prince of Bel-Air”
they didn't know what it was
I didn't even heard of it
I just can't do this oh my god
you were the worst-looking cast member in "I am legend"
It was me , zombie and dog
and I was the worst one
you were the worst looking
the only reason that you are saying that
cause you know I slept with your mother
She didn't even bother to call you back
she thought your nickname was " big Willy"
but turns out
she felt so misled by that nickname
I almost like your outfit today
as much as I like your outfit
in the "gettin jiggy wit it" video
the Egyptian part
you dress as a Pharaoh
for no apparent reason, in that video
you look like a less hot version of Obama
you like Obama but not as hot
I think he's got more scars
we should stop it here
but Margot was on an absolute rolls
that's keep going
you are a face of twenty-year-old
but the hearing of a ninety-year-old
Should I said that again a bit louder?
Did you got that Will ?
Margot Robbie is definitely the winner of playground insults today
that's how we do it
you just got me you know
you got me on my heels
I was ready for
yeah yeah not not sorry sorry
I'll get you your father
-Will's too nice -yeah he's too nice
he doesn't know how to be mean
I just had my next one for you too
I'm so annoying
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Will Smith & Margot Robbie Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

22259 Folder Collection
林予倢 published on September 1, 2016    林予倢 translated    Pei-Yu Wu reviewed
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