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Hey guys, how's it going?
My name is Micaela today I'm in Fukuoka City scouring the city for the best places to play
Pokemon Go.
There are TONS of Pokestops in the city, and unfortunately, for people like me who DON'T
live in the city, playing Pokemon Go is a lot like:
So for everybody outside the city, I wanted to make this video so that when you DO come
to Fukuoka City, you know how to plan the perfect Pokemon Go day, where you can hit
all the hotspots, still see the city, and grab all your items, and maybe catch a few
extra Pokemon.
My first stop was the windy seaside at Fukuoka Tower.
I read a rumour on twitter that this was a pretty good place to catch uncommon Pokemon,
and apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought that might be true.
But you know what?
Japanese Twitter came through!
And sure enough Pokemon were spawning like crazy here.
I was able to catch my first Ponyta, Sandshrew, Magnemite, Voltorb, and snag my second ever
Dratini, all within 10 minutes of arriving.
So I would say Fukuoka Tower was a success, I caught at least 4 Pokemon that I've never
seen before in my neighborhood, so I'm pretty excited about that.
Next we're going to head to Ohori Park, because my friends insist that's another great place
to catch Pokemon.
Ohori Park is one of my favourite places to “chill” in Fukuoka, so I’m pretty happy
to hear it’s a great place to catch Pokemon as well.
With plenty of benches, shade, and refreshments for sale, you can hunt for Pokemon pretty
comfortably here.
Ohori Park seems to spawn a lot of grass, water, and poison type pokemon, Ekans are
pretty common here, but Eevee and Pikachu also make the occasional appearances as well.
Ohori Park is definitely a better place to relax if you want to play Pokemon Go, but
I think the selection of Pokemon at Fukuoka Tower was a lot cooler.
Next, I headed on over to Tenjin.
Even though I hadn’t heard much about it as a Pokemon Go spot, it seemed like it would
be a good place to check anyway.
We're here!
Welcome to Tenjin, this is the shopping district, the restaurants, the fun stuff in Fukuoka
City, and it just so happens that there are tons of lured Pokestops right here at Nishitetsu
Fukuoka Station, so...
Unfortunately though, I couldn’t have been more wrong.
There was... a Raticate?
A Raticate, and a Rattata, but not much else going on, there's not much that shows up on
the list that I don't already have....
In spite of all the lures, I couldn’t get anything interesting to spawn.
I walked around the Tenjin area, to see if anything interesting would pop up, and, maybe
it was bad luck, but nothing ever did.
Now we're in Kego Park, and there's NOTHING going on here, I'm kind of surprised cause
I thought at least Kego Park would have a few active lures, but--- Nobody's even taking
this gym.
Okay guys, so now we're heading to Canal City, because I heard a little rumour that it's
a good spawning spot for Pokemon.
So, for all you egg-hatchers, it’s about a 3km walk from Tenjin Station to Hakata Station,
and Canal City is the halfway mark.
It’s a nice walk that takes you through some of the more lively parts of Fukuoka City.
Wow, there's a night market here!
I didn't even know they did a night market in Fukuoka, so much has changed since I've
moved, and I would have never known this if I wasn't playing Pokemon Go.
Thanks, Pokemon Go, I learned something new.
Canal City is an architectural masterpiece, and there’s always something fun going on
in this shopping mall.
Now, it looks as though it has become a very active Pokemon Go hotspot as well.
I was pretty happy to see so many Eevee.
I caught three and was finally able to evolve my Vaporeon.
There are also plenty of Psyduck and Magikarp here, so this is a great place to stock up
if you’re looking to evolve.
Okay, I finally got some good Pokemon at Canal City, and I'm gradually getting more sweaty
as the night progresses, but now I'm finally ready to head back to Hakata Station, scope
out the situation there, and then hopefully head home.
So just in case you're wondering how I can be hot and sweaty tonight while looking for
Pokemon, it is 8pm, and it's still 30 degrees celsius.
My final destination was Hakata Station.
The constant coming and going of people-traffic ensures that the Pokestops will almost always
be lured by players looking to kill time before their train.
The Pokemon that spawn here are really random and don’t seem to follow any particular
pattern though.
Whether you find what you’re looking for, really depends on how long you’re willing to wait.
Okay guys, I'm a sweaty mess and my feet hurt, so I'm ready to call it a day.
We visited five places in Fukuoka City: Fukuoka Tower, Ohori Park, Tenjin, Canal City, and
Hakata Station, if I were to rank all the places in terms of effectiveness, and lures,
and Pokestops, and the type of Pokemon that appeared, I would say, the #1 place to look
for Pokemon in my experience, is Fukuoka Tower.
#2 would maybe be Canal City, #3 Ohori Park, #4 Hakata Station, and #5, sorry, but Tenjin,
you just weren't doing it for me.
Nothing exciting happened.
So, hope you guys appreciate this.
I think my legs definitely do not appreciate this, maybe they will appreciate it in a few
days, but right now I just wanna lie down forever.
Alright, so if you live in Fukuoka, if you know any other cool places to catch Pokemon,
let me know in the comments, let me know if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up
cause it helps a lot...
So how many Pokemon have you caught?
And what is common in your area?
Let me know in the comments below, and I will see you guys soon!
Thank you!
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Pokemon GO in Fukuoka

6111 Folder Collection
Erina Kawagishi published on August 19, 2016    Cloudy Wu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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