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  • How are you?

  • I'm very well, thanks! How are you?

  • You look amazing in this now!

  • Thanks! I don't fancy rolling around in it.

  • No? You're not going snowboarding?

  • Might not, no, might not. Not in this...

  • How about a snow angel?

  • Just about. It's just depressing afterwards when you got wet knickers, isn't it?

  • It's like all fun and games and you've got to go home.

  • Yeah, and you have wet knickers.

  • Yeah. (laugh)

  • So, tell me how did you get involved with the movie?

  • Obviously it's a nice reunion for you.

  • Whit certainly started saying today that he wrote it for me,

  • which is a really nice, rather late, gift.

  • So maybe he didn't want me to get too over excited about that at the time. Kept that quiet.

  • But I think, because, you know,

  • we had all such a good working relationship putting on "Last Days of Disco".

  • My character was fairly diabolical in that. Maybe I was first in it to roll the text.

  • Cause this one's a real monster.

  • What's it like putting on the corset though? Can you not breathe?

  • Putting on in the morning is okay. It's putting it back on after lunch that's the really unpleasant one,

  • that's the one where you're like, I wish I didn't eat that.

  • What's tougher? Corset? Or like the leather and the latex for Underworld?

  • The leather and latex also has a corset.

  • So, I get screwed, like, I can never have a big lunch ever.

  • And tell me about you're character in "Love and Friendship".

  • It's just the most wonderful, incredibly charming, totally entitled, intelligent, promiscuous, brilliant woman.

  • Witty, I mean, she's just the best character I've read in years.

  • Whit did an amazing job.

  • And how are you like her?

  • In no way.

  • It's an enormous stretch.

  • Very tired now.

  • I don't know. I mean like, I love those characters.

  • I've played Emma before, which is you know,

  • not the Jane Austin idea.

  • I'm quite attracted to characters that aren't necessarily instantly likable, instantly good people.

  • Do you know what I mean? When you have to really understand from their perspective, why they think they're justified,

  • and that's really kind of fun, delicious thing to do.

  • Had my work cut out on this one.

  • It's a horrible.... (laughing)

  • And it's your first time at Sundance?

  • Yeah. It's not my first movie at Sundance, but it's the first time I've...

  • And is it everything you expected?

  • Yes! And also the altitude sickness thing.

  • People keep saying, I go, "where's the bathroom?" and they go, "Downstairs." And I go, "No, I think I'll just stay where I am."

How are you?

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Kate Beckinsale Dishes on "Love & Friendship" at Sundance | E! News

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    Colleen Jao posted on 2016/08/18
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