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  • In this video, I'll go back to an old version and show you some things that gets me nostalgic! :I

  • Before powered rails, there were no genuin efficient way to get your minecart to go far.

  • However, due to bug you could get minecarts to boost one another, which was used a lot. :]

  • You would set up these sort of systems by your main track, I actually kind of miss it..

  • People came up with really clever designs with all sorts of purposes

  • Chests once acted much more like other blocks..

  • They were the size of a full block and did not have any animations.

  • No sunds either..

  • Double chests also had that weird black line in the middle of the top.

  • Which look do you prefer?

  • What i remember most strongly about old times is having to wait through the night.

  • There were no beds, so if you wanted to go out, but it was night, too bad.. :[

  • *Sunrise*

  • When your waiting was over, you would see the sunrise.

  • However, back then lighting was a lot less smooth, which meant you could see the light levels go up.

  • You might still be able to experience this by turning off smooth lighting nowadays

  • Ouw!

  • Many textures has changed since I first started playing.

  • I find gravel, grass and roses to be the most noticably changed..

  • The lack of beds in addition to the lack of maps made you much more focused on navigating your world.

  • You would often build large towers by your base or make torch trails from your original spawn. :]

  • Something most of you probably forgot, is the step sound bug. :]

  • This bug would happen when walking down 1 block stairs.

  • Remember?

  • I'm not sure when this was changed, but ladders used to behave a bit differently.

  • You could make a fully functional ladder using only half as many ladder pieces..

  • The last thing on my list, is one I'm really glad they changed.

  • When I started playing, leaves did not decay by themselves..

  • This meant that you would end up with tons of floating clumps of them if you weren't careful.


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