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>> ASHA: Welcome to Istanbul
>> RYAN: This city is huge, vibrant, and full of history
>> ASHA: And it is the only city on Earth that belongs to two continents
>> RYAN: Yes, it is so big we need to go right now or we're gonna miss it. Let's go!
>> ASHA: Istanbul is by far my favorite city now
and the sights are stunning the mosques that we're going into they have these tiled roofs and domes
they are like nothing I've ever seen once you get in it is breathtaking
>> RYAN: Istanbul is incredible
it is like nowhere I've ever been before
here we go, bellydancers!
This is what you want to get at the spice market, the Baklava
I got some Baklava and ice cream I didn't know they went well together but they do
>> RYAN: And the people are incredibly just warm and playful
it's the friendliest place I've ever been to even buying ice cream is an adventure in Istanbul
man, I earned this ice cream I'm sweating
>> ASHA: Even drinking coffee is an adventure as soon as you finish your glass
they'll turn your cup over then they start reading the coffee grinds that are left in your cup
and so they tell your whole fortune for you it's so much fun
>> RYAN: Welcome to Istanbul haha
You feel the buzz right away
>> ASHA: I'm gonna try one out of my nose
now I'm gonna try circles I don't think that was right
This right here is Turkish pizza and this is what you eat before you have the Kabob absolutely delicious
Turkish delight has a really interesting texture it's gummy, with nuts so a little bit soft and hard
it's perfect definitely the Turkish Delight
everybody who goes there is bound to have a good time
this unassuming clear liquid is called Raki
you don't drink this without a meal so I have a nice seabass right here to soak it all up
these guys have been here all day long fishing right in the middle of Istanbul
>> ASHA: It's mind blowing to think that right there is Europe and right there is Asia
it's the only city on Earth that straddles two continents
>> RYAN: Wow, Istanbul is amazing
>> ASHA: We absolutely love this place I think my favorite part had to be seeing the blue mosque
and also the rug demonstration
>> RYAN: My favorite part was definitely seeing all the beautiful sights
but it was really just hanging out with the locals drinking tea and smoking hookah
>> ASHA: You will absolutely love this city
>> RYAN: You're gonna love it
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Istanbul Turkey Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

513 Folder Collection
Queenie published on August 10, 2016
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