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shalom and welcome to the Satellite Bible Atlas video number one
in this video we introduce the general location of the land of Israel
and how it functions as a land bridge
between three continents
we recommend keeping your satellite Bible atlas handy
since you can pause the video at any time to look at the maps
with better resolution and clarity in the Atlas
first let's note where Israel is located
the land of the Bible
sits at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea
it is a land bridge between three continents
and Africa
the land at the Bible is not a make-believe or fairyland
but a real place on our earth
the Bible is a record of real events
that happened to real people at real places
in a nutshell this is the message the Bible
the divine and transcendent God who created everything
is involved with man's world
and God's involvement is not in an abstract way
but in concrete ways involving real people
real events real places on our real earth
the land of Israel is relatively small
here Israel size the blue shape
as compared to the size the United States
or compare the size of Israel to California on the left
or note on the right Israel land mass is about the same size as New Jersey
the 5th smallest state in the United States
but in spite of Israel's relatively small size
this little land has had a huge impact upon history
this is undoubtedly because of God's association
with the land and people of Israel
the Lord says in Ezekiel 5:5
this is Jerusalem
I've set her
in the center of the nations
with countries all around her
God indicates in this scriptures
that He would make Himself known to the world
thru the people of Israel in the land of Israel
Events in the small land would give evidence
that the God of the Bible
is the true God
and that there is no other
map 12-1 in the SBA
shows the borders of the modern countries in the Middle East
let's take a closer look at Israel's position
as a land bridge between three continents
note the two ancient cradles of civilization
Mesopotamia and Egypt
the route between Mesopotamia and Egypt
is funneled through the land of Israel
because the Arabian desert to the east
and the Mediterranean Sea in the west
present difficult obstacles for travel
as a land bridge between continents
the land of Israel has historically been coveted
by big empires in Egypt and Asia
Any kingdom interested in expanding military
economic political interests
would set its sights on Israel
as a bridge for expansion
later in history
Europe get into the picture
this is a well-chosen land
for the Lord of the earth
to demonstrate and sometimes subtle
yet concrete ways
his sovereignty over the Kingdoms of man
the history of the Jewish people with the land of Israel
as evidence at the God of the Bible
is the true God
who alone transcends time and space
before we look closer at the Land of Israel
there are a few other features and terms
of the ancient Near East to be familiar with
you are using map 2-1
a map showing Abraham's migration from Mesopotamia to Canaan
to mark out the Fertile Crescent
this is an area shaped like a crescent
that extends from Persian Gulf
North along Tigris and Euphrates river's basins
through modern Syria
and down along the eastern Mediterranean Sea board
it's a land with enough water
either from rivers or rain
to produce crops
the Fertile Crescent is made up of two parts
Mesopotamia means the land between the rivers
the Euphrates and Tigris
this is where Iraq is today
in an ancient times is center of both
the Assyrian and Babylonian empires
the other part of the Fertile Crescent is called the Levant
which is the eastern Mediterranean Sea board
Levant means raised up
there is characterized by hills and valleys
plateaus and mountains
some over 9,000 feet in elevation
the Levant includes the lands of Israel
just called Canaan in Abraham's time
to briefly review the main concepts presented in this video
the land of the Bible is a real place on our earth
the Bible describes real people
real events in real places
the Bible is a record
God's involvement with the real world of mankind
next the land of the bible is situated as a land bridge
between three continents
Empires in Asian Africa and Europe
have covered at this land is a bridge for expansion
we mention that the central position
of the land and people of Israel
ultimately testifies to the transcendence
and sovereignty the God of the Bible
we also learned the location of the Fertile Crescent
including its two parts
Mesopotamia and the Levant
in our next video we'll take a closer look
at the distinctive geographical regions of the land of Israel
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01 Introduction The Land of the Bible Location Land Bridge 聖地的位置

304 Folder Collection
published on August 6, 2016
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