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The following fan film has been produced by amateurs and was financed privately.
For comparison:
One episode of ST:TNG in season 7 had a budget of about 1.7mio US dollars.
The money was used to pay professional actors, special effects, settings, equipment and much more.
Translation by Clara Bardeen, Timings by Max Logan & Clara Bardeen
Oh dear, you really use every opportunity, don't you?
And you are just accidently within eyeshot?
I checked the program. The water is at 28 C - so brave.
Michael, there is work to do!
We'll be right there!
He almost steals your show.
Thanks a lot, KITT!
Michael, I hope you do not believe I let you onto my seats, as soppy as you are?
I'm glad our shuttles are not that picky.
Computer, civil clothes of the 80ies of the 20th century.
As usual, your clothes are in the trunk, Michael.
Dog, back off! Let me be!
You leave me no choice.
And this is supposed to be man's best friend.
Suits you.
The Foundation for Law and Government gave us new orders, Bonnie.
I am Michael Knight and you are Dr. Bonnie Barstow, we are saving the world.
I don't think dressing up and reenacting old TV series is my cup of tea.
And according to my history lessons there weren't any talking cars
in the 20th century.
KITT, would you please introduce yourself.
I am KITT, the voice of Knight Industry 2000's Micro processor,
K.I.T.T. for easy reference. KITT, if you prefer.
No, I don't prefer.
Knight Rider – A shadowy flight into the dangerous world
of a man who does not exist.
Where are your curls, Michael?
Analyse, KITT.
That is beyond my abilities, Michael.
I don't think this is part of the program.
Computer, end program.
Michael, may I point out one should never quit a holo program while sitting?
Oh, shut up, KITT.
He's right, though...
Computer, exit.
We just dropped out of warp.
What's the problem?
We were hit by some kind of shock wave.
I'm checking it.
Wait, we just lost all sensor data.
The computer is displaying some kind of message but I don't have access.
Take a look.
I can see it here.
What is it?
I have no idea. My command codes are not working. According to the computer,
I am not authorized to see the message. We cannot work like that.
Remar, find the source!
Do not do anything, I will handle that.
Mr. Graydon, send all sensor data to my room and contact New Hope via Channel Gold.
Silverworld, shut down engines and hold this position.
Commander, what's going on here?
I can not explain this to you right now. Do not inform the rest of the crew.
You will receive further instructions, soon.
Computer, lock the doors to this room, no access without my permission.
The doors are locked.
Access secret file Omega 1.
Voice print confirmed. State the access code.
Gamma 1492, authorization level 10.
Sensors have detected the omega phenomenon within a distance of 1.25 light years.
Execute the Omega directive immediately. All other priorities are cancelled.
Display sensor data.
Space: the final frontier.
We are in a parallel universe.
These are the voyages of the Union's starship K’Ehleyr.
Its mission: to defend the peoples of the Union, to protect their freedom
and to explore the depths of space.
The K'Ehleyr's crew boldly carries out
its duties to emerge glorious from every battle!
You know about the directive. Do what is neccessary.
I hereby request permission to let a part of the crew in on this.
Under the given circumstances, I see no option to execute the directive on my own.
You know the resonsibility this entails.
Tell the executive officers and those you trust, nobody else.
Personal logs about this mission are prohibited.
I order radio silence to all other vessels of the squadron.
I understand, Admiral.
What's up with this? What are we waiting for?
The computers are still blocked.
Keep calm. There surely is an explanation for all that.
Sensors are still working and recording data. I just cannot access them.
The holo deck is going haywire, what is going on?
It's not just the holo deck. All computers display this symbol.
You are engineers. Repair it already!
It doesn't look like a malfunction, Sorel.
I'll say it again...
This is Commander Logan. All executive officers are to come
to the conference room immediately. Logan Out.
You heard it. Ensign Jones, you have the bridge.
Remain on standby, there will be answers, soon.
For the executive officers, at least.
The information I give you now is subject to security level 10 and restricted
to captains of Starfleet. The breach of this rule is coordinated with Admiral Ceemex.
What is the matter, Logan?
Mr. Remar, I transferred the sensor data, please take a look.
A black hole, Sir?
This will complicate our task but it is not what we are here for.
If the security protocols of Starfleet are working correctly nobody of you
knows about the Omega Directive.
In the resistence there were rumors about a highly effective weapon
developed by the Union using a rare element.
No weapon, but research was done. I will give you but a short introduction.
We are stuck in an unknown region of the universe, the sensors are not accessible
and our executive officers are taking a coffee break?
Should someone attacks us in this moment it will not be my responsibility.
The computer would surely warn us, should such thing happen.
Well, you put a lot of trust in a machine that is currently refusing to work.
Guys, we are members of Starfleet and should act accordingly!
This whining is unbearable.
Do you propose an alternative, Ensign?
The Commander will surely give an explanation in due time.
An enormous energy source which could affect the subspace
and destroy all life within one sector.
And exactly these Omega molecules are now drifting on the edge of the black hole.
Sounds fun!
What do we tell the crew?
Nothing. I did expand the Directive, not revoke it.
They are all members of Starfleet, they will understand.
While being underway we have to modify the vessle.
You have your orders.
We need a plan to handle the black hole and neutralize the molecules.
Start as soon as you are back on the brigde.
Questions? Dismissed.
Your shift is over. Go to your quarters and wait for new orders.
There will be a new schedule, shortly.
I want to know what's going on here!
Stop making a drama of it. Come on!
He is right. When will we learn more, Commander?
It is not allowed...
When we have more information, Mr. Phenix. At present, we are collecting data, too.
Come on, enjoy your free time.
Computer, unblock bridge controls, access code Omega 93red.
Affirmative. Bridge controls unblocked.
Mr. Remar, you know our destination, maximum warp, energize.
This is Commander Logan. Due to the top security level Omega Directive
there will be changes in the schedule within the next hours.
They are to guarantee an efficient execution of the upcoming mission.
Follow the orders you will be given. We will act according to the Union's priorities
until they are replaced by the Omega Directive. Logan Out.
You did a really good job.
For 2 years we were transferring components.
The station just waits for you to take it into operation, Captain.
If this works, the victory of the rebellion will be within reach.
Vulcan will be safe and strong in this new Terran Empire.
But this time, we will refrain from suppressing non-humans.
Especially Bajorans.
There are indications that in this universe, great and robust empires exist, too.
It would be a significant gain of knowledge to question locals.
As far as we know there is a high concentration of Omega molecules.
The planet orbits the black hole with 90% of the speed of light.
How is that even possible?
The planet is already quite close to the centre of the black hole.
We have to find a way to counteract the temporal distortion in this area.
Using the warp engine we should definitely be able to escape the black hole.
Well, I'm not that eager to fly there and find out afterwards
that all people we knew outside this vessle have been dead for 300 years.
Chenara, T'Olverine, work out a plan to modify our shields.
I recall a report of the USS Voyager about an experiment with temporal shields.
I'll take a look at the data base.
How can the planet defy these enormous gravitational forces?
Maybe there is some kind of artificial warp field
rectifying the planets local space time.
Anyway, we should be careful: A black hole, Omega molecules,
a mysterious planet, that's really a lot for such a little ship.
Logan, we have to explain it to the crew. If someone notices we are entering
the gravitational field of a black hole, there will be questions.
The crew has orders to follow. They should concentrate on their tasks instead of
posing questions. It is sufficient that we as executive officers are briefed.
You have a strange concept of democracy, Mr. T'Olverine.
Under these circumstances, the Omega Directive overrides democracy.
Our mission is clear.
This is Commander Logan.
At present, only executive officers are allowed to enter the bridge.
>>Those scheduled for bridge service are on standby.
Be ready and follow your orders. Logan Out.
Ts, that was truly enlightening.
He can't be serious!
Guys, stay calm. Surely, there will be explanations, soon.
You are trying to calm us while you are as much in the dark as we are.
You have been expelled from the brigde, too.
Arguing doesn't help us at all. Do you want to know what I'm thinking?
I think there is a type 6 protostar out there and the Commander aims to
open a worm hole to the alpha quadrant by detonation.
Theoretically, this is possible.
Um, a top secret mission of the science department?
The Commander babbled something about an Omega Directive.
I'd really like to know what that is.
There's nothing in the data base about that. I took a look,
it's all security level 10.
Damn, I don't just want to sit and wait.
Well, lets get this babe started.
There we go. Works in every universe.
Shields are working, systems are booting up.
Everything looks good.
Nice machine, Sheelah.
How far are you with the Omega collector, T'Jul?
Done in 2 hours. I need three more engineers.
Right. The team is already on standby. Get everything ready
up here and wait for our return.
After the Karemma incident 8 months ago we installed weapon systems
and an extermination unit. We are well-prepared.
Tom, may I talk to you for a minute?
You should concentrate on the mission.
Were your 3 'conversations' during our flight not enough distraction?
If I could distract myself only every 7 years, I would look as jaundiced as you.
What's up?
This is the last opportunity to stop it. There will be no way back afterwards.
We have talked about this several times...
The Klingon-Cardassian alliance is dying, Tom.
I don't know if this weapon is still necessary.
For years hundreds of people worked and died for this.
The Romulans, Gorn and Ferengi turn against us.
If we want to create the new world we dream of, we'll need a bargaining chip.
And if it falls into the wrong hands, like hers?
I will be able to prevent that.
But she is the only one to know how to construct this weapon. I need her, for now.
And for now, she needs you.
That may change soon.
Take care.
I don't trust her and this Sorel.
I don't trust her either, but I have enough people I can rely on.
Don't worry.
Don't talk to me like to a little child. I got your back!
That's a black hole.
Hm, that's all well and good, but this can't be the reason
for this secretiveness. It's not a first, right?
I wonder why are we so close?
Who knows? Maybe the Commander wants to cheer us up with some natural spectacle.
If we get even closer, we'll have to assume that the black hole's gravity
and time dilatation strongly influence the space-time continuum.
Excuse me?
As per theory of relativity clocks tick slower while on
relatively faster objects or near high-mass bodies.
Oh, really?
That's the basic course of introduction to space flight, even you should have attended this class.
Mr. Sorel, this effect had already been experimentally proven on 20th century earth.
Back then, an aircraft - some antiquated vehicle of that time - had been equipped
with 4 atomic clocks. Similar atomic clocks were situated at the starting point
of the aircraft. The vehicle surrounded earth 2 times with a relatively higher velocity.
When back at its origin: Behold! All clocks aboard the aircraft ran slow.
If you still think this is nonsense, I can't help you.
Whatever, that's water under the bridge.
Problem is, time runs much slower for us the closer we get.
One minute here might be years in some distance.
I'm El-Aurian and saw many decades come and go.
However, I wouldn't be delighted to fast forward several centuries
and have no clue why.
Come on, we'll find out.
What are you up to?
I don't like being fooled.
And therefore I will modulate the shields' phase variance
so they can withstand temporal distortions.
I still don't know what keeps up the subspace barrier and the planet's atmosphere
but with the right vaccine a landing party should be able to beam down.
The warp engine was reinforced with multi phase shields,
this will protect it against effects of subspace radiation.
That sound reassuring, it means we can get to the planet.
Mr. T'Olverine, did you find a way to secure the Omega molecules
once we get hold of them?
Indeed, Sir. In cargo bay 1, we are installing
a harmonic resonance chamber to contain the molecule.
What's that supposed to be?
The Commander gave me access to restricted files.
According to research of the Obsidian Order and physicist Ketteract
this chamber is able to break the molecules' bonds
and prevent a chain reaction.
And thus also the subspace tears? I like that.
Yes, but we'll need a landing party to tag the molecules and initiate their transport.
The alternative would be torpedoes with gravimetric charges.
They will neutralize Omega but also damage the subspace within a radius of 10 light years.
In the KAT nobody has sufficient security clearance. Who do you intend to send?
Nobody here has sufficient clearance, either.
Mr. Remar, assemble a team, choose people you trust.
The information ban stands.
Aye Sir, I'll gather my team.
You won't beam down without getting some Arethrazine from me.
Shouldn't treatment with Arethrazine be continuously supervised by a doctor?
The Omega Directive overrides this protocol.
The Omega collector is prepared and can begin the storage process.
You ought to be on your way.
I love plans that work out.
Don't celebrate just yet, there is something on the sensors.
Did they build this vessle in every universe? What are they doing here?
Didn't you say humans did not get to the gamma quadrant in this universe?
We thought so, yes.
Some unforeseen variance. You do have a warbird, use it.
We should find out what they want. You can't leave Omega to them, Tom.
Come on, we stick to the plan and fly to the planet.
I bet they also want to go there. I didn't battle my way throught
half of the Romulan Empire to run from the Defiant now.
The correct identification of this ship is USS K'Ehleyr NX-82000.
T'Jul to T'Olverine.
I am listening.
The preparations for the transfer are finished.
The chamber is ready, too.
Can you accelerate the identification of the particles?
Commander! Doctor!
You know I can't tell you anything, so just don't ask.
We have the right to know what's going on. You read our minds and know all our secrets.
And now you expect us to let you dictate what we are to know and what not?
Outside there's a black hole, we get closer and closer and nobody tells us what's going on.
Spit it out!
Listen, I don't like this situation any more than you do, but the Union's highest representatives
decided years ago that this knowledge is to be passed only to the command section
of Starfleet. Who am I to defy that vote? Wait and see, there will be new orders, soon.
I waited long enough, you..
Mr. Sorel, be glad the JAG corps didn't publish legal bases for unspoken insults yet!
Commander Logan made a decision, there will be no further discussion.
This conversation is over!
What's the matter?
Dormason and I join Remar's landing party, that's all I know.
That's enough!
Matching our velocity to that of the planet.
I have to modulate the shields, we have strong interferences. Temporal shields are fluctuating.
Mr. T'Olverine, redirect additional energy!
All system are working at maximum, artificial warp field is forming.
That's an enormous density of chroniton particles.
Redirecting auxiliary power to the deflector.
I'm afraid there will be questions.
Everything is working now.
Remar, what is the status of your landing party?
>>I'll need time for the preparations, Sir. At least one hour.
>>The Arethrazine treatment will take time as well.
We will reach the planet in 15 minutes and 21 seconds.
With Arethrazine you should take your time.
Actually, the proper use of this stuff is against theta radiation poisoning.
You'll get your team as soon as possible, Logan.
>>By the way, Logan, have an eye on Sorel, he seems 'displeased' by the situation.
Thank you, Doctor. Remar, I will transfer some files
to your quarters, this should accelerate your preparations. Logan Out.
Come in!
Oh, you are here? With all this current secretiveness I suspected
you would cancel our date without getting back to me.
No, I'm not that kind of guy.
Hope treated me first, so I have some time before beaming down.
Do you know by now what's the matter?
No, Remar doesn't come out with it and our tasks don't give a hint, either.
He sais the planet we are about to beam down to is about to collapse.
But I'm not here to talk about that.
Oh my, do you want me to cry and wave my handkerchief
watching you ride into the sunset in your shining armour?
Oh well, something like that would be nice, yes.
Sometimes I have the feeling they cryopreserved you in the 20th century
and brought you back 400 years later.
Concerning romance they were really inventive back then.
Whatever, the same was said about people from the 18th century.
Those were dark times, Tom. I'm also a member of Starfleet,
I won't advise you to come back with your shield, or on it.
But I tell you this: If you miss our date on the holodeck in 2 days, I'll kick your butt.
Oh, don't worry. I won't miss that.
You'd better not! But since you are that into romantic gestures, here, take this.
What's that?
A treasure to remind you of me and to bring back to the woman you leave behind.
Well, it's a rigellian pattern enhancer, state of the art.
But I'd still be happy if you brought it back.
And shall I hold this treasure close to my heart, fair maiden?
Better attach it to your tricorder or else it won't work.
>>Remar to Jones.
This is Jones.
>>Ensign, Commander Logan gave me access to reports of previous missions
>>so I could complete my preparations way earlier. We'll meet immediately in transporter room 1.
We'll catch up on that!
Our diffusion field seems to work. The black hole and the planet keep us
and our people out of sight. The team started marking the molecules.
The transfer to the chamber is prepaired.
Maintain cover behind the planet and load plasma torpedoes.
They are almost directly over our team. I think, they will send a landing party.
Come on, guys, take some of the weapons, we'll go down.
Stay on alert, up here, and tell our team down there to expect visitors.
That's really a cosy spot you chose for us.
The planet starts destabilising, we don't have much time. That way!
Sir, there is something ahead. It doesn't look natural.
The tricorder is disturbed, there's almost nothing to see.
Remar to K'Ehleyr!
>>We have massive interferences, I receive the resonance frequency
>>of the Omega molecules. They are here, but I couldn't determine their position.
The communication is very faint, too, Remar. According to the sensors
the energy source is very close to you. Just keep moving east.
There's something else, Sir, we are not the first here.
Take cover!
We are under attack!
...some russian curse...
Ratine, we're done here by 70% and hold them at bay pretty well.
Interrupt their communication, before they get into mischief.
>>Already done. It's just four people, go and get them.
Communication is interrupted, the sensors cannot get through.
We don't know who we are dealing with.
Gravemetric torpedo loaded, Sir.
Not yet. No being with common sense would detonate Omega while standing next to it.
Scan for further ships. Lt. T'Olverine, try to get a fix on the landing party.
Aye, Sir.
In position.
In position.
another russian curse XD
In position.
In position.
Seems like we got rid of them.
Who besides us is crazy enough to hang around on a planet that close to a black hole?
I can't tell you that, but I think they want the same as we do.
We'll take up position over there, try to get communication back up
and Dormason takes over rear cover.
Sir, I know that our mission is top secret, but you should know we were
under fire by a Bajoran phaser.
How's that possible? We are at the edge of the gamma quadrant,
here are no Bajorans - besides Winston.
I know that. But the behavior on impact,
the sound of the plasma stroke, the repetition frequency,
that's unambiguously a 2377s phaser of Bajoran production.
I'll better not ask what you're doing in your free time to know that.
You security guys are curious people.
They're taking shelter over there. Meanwhile, the planet is going down.
We have to find out what they know about Omega.
The marking is done and the transporter enhancer is active, Captain.
Ratine just waits for the right moment to beam the molecules to the station.
OK. Stay here. You both take them under fire.
We surround them.
To make that clear: We only confront them.
As per Starfleet protocoll we have the right to doubt questionable orders.
We'll see. Come on!
At present, you are not granted access to the bridge.
I order you to leave it instantly.
Do you know how many security regulations you just infringed?
We won't go until we know what's going on.
I look out of the window and see you're endangering us all.
I'm head of the KAT. You passed me over!
Jones to K'Ehleyr, do you read me? We request immediate evacuation!
What the heck?!
Mr. T'Olverine?
Not quite, I suppose. What a nice surprise.
Remar to K'Ehleyr, do you read me? Evacuation, now!
Jones to Ratine. We're done here.
Initiate transport of Omega, beam us up and prime weapons.
Get off the bridge before endangering the vessle even more!
The Omega Directive does not allow me to read anyone else into this.
So why does Dormason know?
He does not. Nevertheless is he taking his duties far more seriously than you are right now.
Sir, I only could get a fix on Remar, then I lost the signal.
Damn it! When I ride a nutshell into a hurricane I want to know why!
Your lack of comprehension and discipline is a greater danger to us than this black hole out there.
You shouldn't make me more angry, petaQ!
Chenara to Security.
Send a team to the bridge to take Warrant Officer Sorel to the brig.
Damage report, Lieutenant.
The ablative armour prevented a hull breach, Sir.
Impulse engines are heavily damaged, warp field is fluctuating.
Shields are re-establishing. We have malfunctions in the temporal shields
thus space time distortion over the whole ship.
They caught us during the transport process.
Complete analysis, Mr. Lasar.
Analysing. The sensor interferences prevented a clear scan of the area,
the vessle must have been hidden behind the planet.
Sir, as per data base it is a T'Khasi ship.
T'Khasi? How did they get here?
I did not fail to notice you two are still here.
Given the current situation I will refrain from punishment.
Tal'Aura, report to sick bay, there surely are casualties.
When you are done, please send Dr. Hope back up here.
Mr. Phenix, go to the engine room, there will be enough tasks for you.
Aye, Sir!
Eventually, you should really tell the crew, Sir.
Sir, I have important data.
This contains all information we need for returning to our universe?
What about the data base of the Valor?
By default, the data base of each rebel ship is deleted every 20 minutes.
Thus the alliance won't get relevant data in case of a takeover.
I know that Jones programmed the Warbird in the same manner.
All necessary specification exclusively are on this PADD and in my head.
That's what I wanted to hear.
T'Jul to McElroy, what is your status?
We are done here, basically we are just waiting for the Valor to transfer the molecules.
Open the docking clamps, we are ready to transfer Omega to the ship.
Besides, we brought you something to play with.
You wanted to know something about this universe, we collected some natives on the way.
Question them, I want to know what data they have about Omega
and why they are here in the gamma quadrant.
Though I appreciate your offer, it contradicts logic
to delay the Omega transfer for that.
You won't.
Sorel, you take care of guests, the rest of us initiates the transfer.
Sheelah shall work on the connecting wires.
The transfer is going to begin as planned. Sheelah, however, will be of no help.
What? Why? What happened?
She's dead.
There was an energy discharge.
Damn! Well, we go on as planned.
How much longer will you be working on repairing the engines?
It should be done in 23 minutes.
Similar repairs took me 17 minutes and 44 seconds on average.
Ask me again in 15 minutes.
Does the data base contain information about encounters with other universes?
Our knowlegde about this universe in particular is very limited.
Due to breaches of the Temporal Directive there were alternative timelines
and inside a graviton ellipse in sector 776 different parallel universes came together.
Additonally there are reports of the USS Kelvin and the USS Enterprise
about contacts to other universes.
I read the Kelvin's report.
In this universe, Vulcan and Romulus were destroyed.
It is agreeable we are not to be there.
In both cases they met a so-called United Federation of Planets.
But according to the tricorder data of Mr. Remar the aggressors are not
related to a corresponding Starfleet.
Also, they had a Warbird of the T'Khasi.
They attacked us, we shouldn't just let them get away with the Omega molecules.
Who is this? Hello? Dormason, wake up!
How many lights do you see?
Lights? Stop it, there is just one light!
That's correct.
The engine are again working within standard parameters.
Ok. Priority 1 now is to secure the Omega molecules,
priority 2 is the members of our landing party.
I can't say I like this ranking, Logan.
The Omega Directive overrides all other priorities.
Commander, I spotted the plasma signature of the vessle, we can pursue it.
I don't think they will use their cloaking device in this area.
Well, we can't, it would influence our temporal shields way to much.
Lay in pursuit course. Auxiliary power to the sensors.
Remar, you take the science station and go on evaluating the data.
Logan to Dax, please come to the bridge!
>>On my way!
This time they will not catch us with our pants down.
V'tosh ka'tur. T'Olverine is not in control of himself anymore.
Jones, who are they? What do they want from us?
In this room, you do not ask questions. I ask them, you answer.
If I'm not satisfied with those answers...
...you will die.
Why did you attack us? We were on exploratory mission!
Sorel? Is that you?
That's not Sorel. These are some doppelgangers, I saw them before on the planet.
What do you know about the Omega molecule?
Commander, I have something on screen.
A station, Sir, architecture typical for the Union,
the impulse signature is leading there.
On screen.
Visual observation not yet possible.
The Union does not keep outposts in this area,
it must have been built by the people of the parallel universe.
Lay in course, full impulse.
Aye, Sir.
Red alert!
Name and rank?
Rogal Dormason, Warrant Officer.
What is your current assignment?
Escort the science officier and support the engineers
establishing the pattern enhancers.
They are ready. Keep the serum at that level.
Let us begin again. What do you know about the Omega molecule?
Nothing. Everything is under concealment, we were not informed.
It is not logical to adjourn to an instable planet near a black hole
without knowledge of the mission.
Your name and rank?
Tom Jones, Ensign.
Are you part of the T'Khasi alliance?
T'Khasi? A fascinating question. Tell me about this alliance.
Find it out by yourself!
This is what we are doing right know. It is not logical to defy the interrogation.
The T'Khasi Alliance was founded in 2090 and is controlling
almost the whole beta quadrant. Well, as far as we explored it.
What about the Romulans?
I always wanted to know what this thing is capable of. She asked you something!
Hm, I was expecting more!
Romulus is some insignificant planet somewhere in the Alliance.
It is the first colony of the Remans.
This is a remarkable deviation to other universes.
Listen, if you wanna take history classes, file an application to Starfleet.
You are still misjudging your situation, Ensign Jones.
What do you know about the Omega molecule?
I wouldn't have bet on them to fix their engines that fast.
That's a problem. During the transfer we cannot undock the vessle.
We are an easy target.
Can you speed it up somehow?
That's difficult. I'll have to connect the power systems
of the Warbird with the station to enhance shields and phasers,
but that will buy us the time needed. Join me!
Jones to T'Jul.
Mr. Jones, to achieve the optimal result interrogations are subject
to strict standards that were refined for centuries.
It is unacceptable that you interrupt the scheduled procedure.
Whatever. There are more important things to do!
The K'ehleyr will start to shell us, but the transfer isn't done yet.
Most propably they'll also send an away team.
I will put the extermination unit in standby mode.
Calculation of probability suggests they will try to regain Omega.
We'd rather try and take the station or at least deactivate it on site.
If we just destroy it there'll be too much of a risk
to destabilize the subspace.
Up to now I equipped 10 torpedoes with gravimetric charges,
that could be enough should necessity require it.
'Could'? That is much of a variable when dealing with Omega.
I think the doctor is right, we should send a team to examine on the spot.
Half of the K'Ehleyr Away Team attempted to rebel here,
not really trustworthy.
They have the training to do it.
Omega has to be secured.
Tell me when we approach the station by 6 mio kilometers.
Aye, Sir.
Hope, you have the bridge.
Are you in good health? Do you have any physical ailments I should know about?
Torture has never been a reliable means of extracting information.
It is ultimately self-defeating as a means of control.
One wonders that it's still practiced.
Beautiful, isn't it?
You don't understand it, do you? You got the wrong guys,
our officer got away. Omega is top secret!
From this point on, you will enjoy no privilege of rank,
no privileges of person. From now on, I will refer
to you only as human. You have no other identity.
What do you know about Omega?
The literature of many species is of full of situations like this.
The hero falls back on an antagonist to fight a greater evil.
Oh, and you want to tell me you are the hero in this story, Sir?
I am an officer of Starfleet. The antagonist is either purified
or stabs the hero in the back once again.
So to speak 'fight fire with fire'. Or do you want to suggest something else?
The Omega Directive overrides all other priorities. It sets
us back to a premodern time. If you are a relict of this time,
better stay on the station after completing your mission.
That's for sure, Sir. Safety kills freedom.
But I promise you this. I'll come back.
The final frontier has lines that should not be crossed.
You will get your orders from Commander Lasar and
Arethrazine from Dr. Hope.
I found something nice. Hey!
Sorry, I only got one Taser.
Mr. Sorel has an irrational preference for these pre-civilizing methods.
Yet, there are techniques far more advanced. The Cardassian and the Terran Empire
under Hoshi Sato were highly resourceful designing these instruments.
For Mr. Sorel, though, too many memories of his childhood
are associated with it.
Let me demonstrate.
You hide behind your logic and pretend being without emotion
and yet you are a sadistic rugrat just like him.
This device can stimulate the pain centre of virtually any humanoid.
A synaptic scan calibrates it for each species.
The sensors continually shift the stimulation from one nerve cluster
to another, keeping the subject in a constant state of agony.
This was the lowest possible adjustment.
What do you know about the Omega molecule?
Sorel, plan B.
In light of the external circumstances we will have
to precipitate our conversation. This will take a lot of focus.
He is merely stunned, no reason for an emotional reaction.
My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.
Their shields are at 95%.
Fire quantum torpedoes.
The shields of the station are fluctuating. Our team is in.
The station remodulated its shields.
They must have tapped the Warbird's shield emitters.
We have company, a shuttle has docked.
That's too fast. Activate him and open a chanel.
This is Tom Jones of the Terran Resistance. I want to talk
to the Captain of this vessle.
This is Commander Logan of the USS K'Ehleyr.
Surrender and immediately hand over all Omega molecules and our crew members.
They have androids as captains, what's going on here?
We have to temporize with them.
You have no power here, machine! If just one member of your crew
should enter our station, I will have the prisoners executed.
Given the threat Omega poses all casualties are tolerable.
Would he be a life form I'd say he's bluffing.
There are many interferences, the tricorder shows impossible
amounts of energy on the station. No signs of life forms.
I found identically constructed stations in our universe,
I loaded the building plans to the tricorders, that should
be enough for our orientation.
System loading. Weapons init... Visual display init...
Intruders detected.
Objective: Termination.
Call them!
What do you want to do?
Cease fire!
Lieutenant Moxx,
you are aware that I can not back down under the present conditions?
Sir, those people torture and kill, they mustn't get Omega. Prevent...
>>Are you totally out of you mind??
You fought criminals for so long you yourself became one!
Fight fire with fire. I'll get the next one!
Letting him get away with that threathens all we fought for.
We are the good guys.
I'll take care of him!
Keep firing, damn it!
What is that?
Get down!
Phenix, Winston, fallback! We'll cover you!
Seleia, fallback, I'll follow.
Terminate intruders. Protective shield unstable.
The weapons of this machine destroyed my protective shield!
Logan, they are killing our people over there!
Lieutenant Commander Hope, this discussion is over.
The priorities are unambiguous. Each further delay only threatens
our remaining team members!
Oh, sorry, it would be so nice if each one of us had an emotion chip!
If we look after our crew members this way, there is no more need
for a doctor on this bridge. I'm in sick bay!
Our shields are down to 37%, Sir.
Theirs are at 55%, loading more torpedoes.
Find something to hold on to, we are directly at the outer hull!
Winston to K'Ehleyr, do you read me?
Affirmative, loud and clear.
>>We need a locally restricted EM pulse to the coordinates
I sent you with my tricorder. Posthaste!
I can modify our tractor beam accordingly and narrow the
emitter's opening angle to prevent the KAT's equipment being affected.
Their shield grid is fluctuating in this section, it might work.
Primary weapon damaged... Activate secondary weapon...
He must be connected to their main computer to know all their shield harmonics.
Deactivate tricorders, have new energy cells ready.
Just in case, the pulse hits close-by systems and our devices.
I will be..back..
Hasta la vista, Baby.
McElroy to Jones, we are done here, the transfer is complete.
Drop it!
Their shields are at 20%.
Commander, they're calling us.
Give it a bone! We're done here, what do you care about our universe?
Indeed, the Union's laws do not cover parallel universes.
However, as officer of Starfleet I can not just turn a blind eye.
Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans, they all joined forces against us!
Under Omega the old society will tremble!
The last word Wisdom ever has to say: He only earns his Freedom
and Existence, Who’s forced to win them freshly every day.
Omega will leave nothing to build your new society from.
You'll get your team as soon as possible, Logan.
Red alert! Chenara, activate cloaking device.
You are engineers. Repair that!
...you will die.
The warp engine was reinforced with multi phase shields...
Not quite, I suppose. What a nice surprise.
Good timing. Thank you.
We are just doing our job, lady.
Take care, Tom.
Don’t worry, old man. I will be back in no time at all.
I won't advise you to come back with your shield, or on it.
This is Commander Logan. Due to the top security level Omega Directive
there will be changes in the schedule within the next hours.
What's the matter?
Dormason and I join Remar's landing party, that's all I know.
We have massive interferences, I receive the resonance
frequency of the Omega molecules.
They are here, but I couldn't determine their position.
Wanted to hook yourself a Jones as well, didn't you?
Drop it, now!
You mistake me, we all just want to leave here, too.
No! Don't do that, Tom!
I need her. Whatever she did to you she will be prosecuted.
Just let us go. Jones?
What do we have here?
The anomaly is closing. Pursuit course, Sir?
Negative. The Omega molecules are no longer detected by our sensors,
the Omega Directive thereby is abrogated.
We lost!
Sorel and the others are on their way back.
System reboot. Visual display init...
They took the station's energy core with them. Auxiliary batteries will
last for only a few minutes before the station will be drawn into the black hole.
Cancel read alert. Helm, lay in course to New Hope.
Take us away from here. Energize!
Aye, Sir.
So far so good.
Thanks, doctor. Where is Tom?
I sent him to his quarters. In contrast to Dormason he is in good physical health,
they must have healed him. It's his mental condition that worries me.
Though the agonizer didn't cause permanent damage, I read Dr. McCoys
essays about mind melts and I think it's you he needs now, Counselor.
Will he recover?
I'll keep him here as long as his neural pathways regenerate from the
electroshocks. But yes, he'll be alright. You can talk to him.
I don't know how to start. It was..
I can...imagine, Tom.
I'm naked in the dark. There's nothing...
no veil between me and her. She sees everything I know,
all my memories, my whole life. It is beyond words.
I start seeing it with my waking eyes. It simply was atrocious.
I'll help you cope with the pain. We'll create new memories.
Maybe this Sorel has been abused once, so he became what he is.
Who knows what that T'Khasi did to him. I don't want that for anybody.
Vulcan without logic...
Clean your spirit. But bear the blame. Forever.
Sir, there are strange readings on the sensors.
A ship is approaching extremely fast, with slipstream.
Yellow Alert.
Slipstream? I though this would be in testing phase.
This is Captain Lucsly, of the time ship DeLorean.
Commander, you and your crew don't belong here,
you are 400 years in the future.
Computer voice by Seleia Tal'Aura, daggers by Frank Conan.
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Star Trek: Dark Horizon (Full Movie, engl. subt.)

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賴明塨 published on August 5, 2016
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