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So aptly named.
Both for it’s majesty...
...and it’s grand power.
250,000 years ago... race united the entire galaxy,
for the first time, in peace.
But there is always the separatist... who will not join the whole.
The Arioui...
...a race of beings unlike any the Iconians had ever known,
...sought to lay waste to the galaxy and the Great Alliance, rebuild it anew.
They were cunning.
they turned the galaxy against it’s protectors.
And when the races of the Great Alliance turned their attention
to destroying the wrongly accused Iconians,
the Arioui secretly constructed their greatest weapon...
Comansour Hasaht, incoming gateway request.
From who?
Preyopt Janyo.
Our last defenses on Iconia have fallen.
They’ll have taken the entire system by day’s end.
And there’s something else.
I saw an Arioui leading enemy troops.
Did the refugee transports make it off Iconia?
I think one,
but I can’t be sure.
All the more reason to complete our mission.
We’ll find a way to survive. We always do.
We have to move the weapon to a safe location.
I know you disagree.
- I didn’t say that. - You don’t have to.
You know better than anyone that violence begets violence every time.
- The council made the decision. - The council is gone.
We spent our entire lives,
entire millenia,
devoted to protecting life,
and the same people that are part of the very alliance we created seek to destroy us.
I don’t want to use the Horizon any more than you do.
Even the thought of using an Arioui weapon is distasteful to me.
But we must save the rest of our people.
Gateway protocol complete.
We must go to the Horizon and begin preparing.
- Shall I open a gateway to the Horizon, Comansour? - Yes, thank you.
- I will miss your presence, Alaitah. - Yours as well, sir.
- Shutdown and prepare your systems for cold storage. - I will do as you wish.
Shall we?
22 casualties reported so far, sir!
15 fatal, 7 injuries!
Hull plating is down,
warp drive is down.
We have torpedoes but no phase cannons.
Load all torpedo banks.
You think the Romulans would risk staying in-system?
They're waiting to make their move, you can be sure of it.
Scan for any E.M. fluctuations or anything that might resemble a cloaking field.
- We can’t afford to have them get the drop on us. - Aye, sir.
Engineering, report!
Bridge, that last hit knocked out the port nacelle, coils are completely fried.
Best I could give you is impulse.
Somebody help me get that fire out before it reaches the antimatter injectors!
How far in-system are we?
We’re approximately 15 million kilometers from Saturn.
We’re sitting ducks out here.
- Captain, what’s going on? - Sir! 3 Romulan ships decloaking aft!
Friends of yours.
Incoming transmission from the Romulans. Audio only.
Let’s hear what they have to say.
This is Admiral Verak,
turn over the fugitive and the Romulan Star Empire may consider showing you leniency.
Doesn’t exactly sound like a generous offer.
The fugitive returns with me
or dies on your ship!
I don’t particularly care which.
Go to hell!
Captain, what can I do?
Do detonate the photonic torpedoes remotely?
Yes, sir.
Amelia, take us into Saturn’s ring system, get us there as fast as you can.
T’mar, you know the Romulan ships better than anybody.
Help Commander Gates find a way to mask the torpedoes signature from their sensors.
I don’t think I can navigate the ring system.
- We don't have a choice. - Yes, sir.
Lieutenant, try to keep them off our backs!
How’s it going?
If we jettison our warp plasma in the ring system,
it should blind the Romulan sensors enough
so the torpedoes appear as rock fragments.
Intruder alert!
Take cover!
Engineering! Come in!
Engineering! Come in!
We’ve got company down here!
Get a security team down there now!
Help is on the way, but we need you to eject the warp plasma.
Can you make it to the controls?
Cover me!
How’s it going down there?
Just a few more seconds!
Somebody get her to sickbay, now!
You’re supposed to be a good pilot, now’s your chance.
That’s it, drive plasma is released!
The Romulans are slowing down, the warp plasma is clouding their sensors.
Come on.
They’re almost in position.
I’m having a hard time getting a reading.
Security, I am taking Lieutenant Yarris to sickbay.
We are pinned down in section B5.
Security team is on its way.
Hold your position!
We’re receiving a hail.
I’ll give you credit, Captain. I underestimated you.
But you’re out of options,
and my offer of leniency no longer stands.
What about your officers? You’ve still got men here!
Acceptable losses.
He’s charging weapons!
Get us out of here!
Systems are down all over the ship, it’s a miracle we’re in one piece!
Captain, I’m reading another ship.
We're receiving a transmission. It’s the Enterprise!
Captain Archer, your timing couldn't be better.
The Romulans are taking heavy damage!
T’mar, get us out of here!
I can’t, the helm isn’t responding.
The Romulans have gone to warp!
Damage report.
Where do you want me to start?
Any more casualties?
Five, sir. Three fatal.
Lieutenant Yarris?
Section B5 decompressed when we were hit with the last volley.
They never made it.
Were you successful in recapturing the fugitive?
Her alterations and involvement with the weapon make her a dangerous threat.
The earth vessel Enterprise intervened at the last moment!
- The Enterprise? - Yes.
There was nothing we could do.
You cannot allow this fugitive to live and report what she knows to the humans.
I know that!
You would do well to remember your place.
The fugitive must be stopped at all costs.
Do I make myself clear?
Whatever it takes.
How’s it looking?
It’s been a lot of work, the Romulans did quite a number.
Well, I hope it was worth it.
Worth it? If it was up to me, I’d toss her out an airlock.
Excuse me?
- It's just... - It's just what?
Is that what we do now?
People we don’t like, we just put them in an airlock?
I just was thinking...
I’m going down and see Admiral Gardner. You let me know if you need anything.
Admiral Gardner.
Harrison, at ease.
I’ve been under a lot of pressure to finally put us on the offensive.
- I’m sorry I haven’t had time to meet with you until now. - I understand, sir.
You and your crew have been through a lot the past six months.
I wish I could say that it gets easier. But it never does.
No, sir. It doesn’t.
I’ve had a number of debriefings with T’mar since you got back.
She’s provided us with what promises to be very useful information.
Promises to be?
She was part of a top secret program on Romulus.
She’s very highly trained.
The surgical alterations and genetic modifications
were going to allow her to enter Starfleet.
And perform recon on our offensive and defensive capabilities from the inside.
How do we know that’s not what she’s doing right now?
That’s a fair question, and one we’re all asking.
We’re keeping an eye on her, if she steps out of line, we’ll know it.
However, that's not the issue.
The issue is the intel that she’s brought us.
According to T’mar, the Romulans are building a weapon of mass destruction.
Two lightyears from earth.
The Romulans would never risk building that close to earth.
I admit, it seems a bit unlikely.
But even the Vulcans are worried.
They’re sending the S’myr to investigate.
It’s one of their fastest ships.
Permission to speak freely, sir?
Go ahead!
The Vulcans - they advise us, but they don’t make decisions for us.
The Vulcans are as much a member of this coalition as we are.
We’re all in this together.
And if the Vulcans find something,
you’re sending us back out into the field again.
It’s looking that way.
If what T’mar says is true,
we must defend earth at all cost.
Yes, sir.
I’m sorry, Harrison.
I have nothing more. Dismissed.
Oh, and Harrison, there is one other thing.
This isn't gonna be a popular decision,
but if this turns out to be true,
T’mar is going to be your new helm officer, at least temporarily.
We’re giving her a commission of lieutenant.
She’ll be filling Lieutenant Yarris’ spot.
Computer, begin again.
Level 4
Computer, end session.
I was just leaving.
No wait.
I'm sorry!
I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just...
it's just...
Not easy being in the same room with a Romulan?
17 years ago, when I first took up service with the empire,
my father wanted to teach me a lesson...
show me how a Tal’Shiar operative takes care of business.
He took me to an interrogation he was conducting.
The prisoner had committed treason,
I don't remember exactly what the crime was.
Afterwards, I had never seen a man so proud.
He looked at me with a determination I’d never seen before, and said "for the empire".
Not easy being in the same room with a Romulan?
Nobody knows that better than me.
Ensign, everything okay?
Yeah, we were just talking.
What are you doing here?
I figured I should get into some shooting practice.
- If we’re going to be re-deployed... - Not you.
The same, but I was just leaving.
What would you need to practice with our weapons for?
Goodbye, sir.
You're sure you’re alright?
I’m fine.
I’ve got to go. Are you coming to the get-together tonight?
I'm not sure, I’ll be able to make it, but have a nice time.
Thank you.
Hey, how was the trip?
Alright. Is this everybody?
I suppose if you wanted to invite T’mar, she’s technically senior staff now.
Marie, feel free to help yourself to a drink.
Now that we're all here...
I thought it’d be nice if we took a moment to
remember those we’ve lost, and to
share a toast to their memory.
Here here.
Captain, would you like to say anything?
Well...’s been hard for me...
...for all of us.
Six months on a mission, to bring back T’mar,
on a whim that it might change the tide of the war in our favor.
We lost a lot of good people.
I’m trying, and honestly I’m having a very hard time...
but I’m trying to remember what it is that we stand for.
And why those good people had to give their lives.
And I have to hope something good will come from it.
Amelia was always good at that.
I think if we had ship counselors,
they'd talk to her instead of the counselors.
She always managed to stay positive.
Even in the darkest time.
To Lieutenant Yarris.
It’s funny you mention that, Amelia being so positive...
First time we had lunch...
It was in her quarters.
We were both new to the ship, and she fit in so well, but...
I didn't.
She decided that we're gonna have lunch together once a week
and we're gonna become best of friends.
She has had a way with people, you know.
She was so kind, she wanted everyone to be happy.
What’s going on?
What do you mean?
I know you well enough to know when something is on your mind.
Other than the obvious.
It’s nothing.
You know me.
We’ve been friends for a long time.
You know how important duty is to me.
Starfleet, what we do...
So you know I’d be the last person to condone a relationship
between a C.O. and a subordinate.
You and Lieutenant Yarris?
It was more than that...
Everything Marie said was true.
That was Amelia, she was...
It wasn’t just some fling.
You have to understand that.
Nineteen years ago...
...before I joined Starfleet...
...I was engaged to a boomer.
Her father was ill, so she was gonna take over as captain of their freight hauler.
Typical run is four years...
...two way.
We had these grand dreams,
build our live in space,
travel distant worlds...
On her last run with her father as captain, they were attacked by raiders.
They stole all their supplies, their antimatter...
They were stranded.
Were they ever found?
Two years later.
Not long after that`s when I joined Starfleet.
It was the only way I knew how to look for the people who did it.
...make them pay.
So, did you ever find them?
I’m sorry...
I didn't know that.
I haven’t told anyone before.
It's just that I never thought I could feel that way again...
Thought you should know.
Find me, Harrison!
Save me!
We've got to get you to sickbay.
You need to find me!
What are you talking about?
Find me!
There's more in stake than you know.
Find me!
Jackson, come in!
Jackson, come in!
What is it?
I need to see you on the ship right away.
So, what do you think?
I think it's five in the morning.
Some of the results I’m getting are a bit strange.
How so?
Quantum dating puts the age of the cube at -900 or so years,
that shouldn’t happen.
Quantum dating doesn’t give negative numbers.
It’s happened before.
After the first Xindi attack,
Captain Archer quantum dated a piece of their weapon.
The numbers read in the negative.
It was from the future.
You’re saying you think this is from the future?
I’m saying... it’s happened before.
Where did you find it?
In a wall...
I literally put my hand through a solid wall and I pulled this out.
Doesn’t happen every day.
I knew there was a reason why I had you as my science officer.
I do my best.
I’m not getting anything here.
Get down here immediately!
Right away, sir.
I guess I’m just not getting any sleep tonight.
Admiral, Ambassador. What's going on?
We’re getting telemetry from the S’myr, the Vulcan ship that was sent out.
Five ships, two base structures...
I thought you said that this was in the early stage of construction?
Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are.
I thought I had the most up-to-date information.
- Apparently not. - There's more...
The S’myr is detecting strong gravimetric distortions from the main starbase,
most likely from the weapon itself.
All encased in a thermobaric cloud barrier that wasn’t there before.
Side-effect of the gravimetric distortions?
How does this weapon work? What can you tell us?
I don’t know. I wasn’t given that information.
What exactly do you know?
All I know is the initial projections,
that everyone involved with the project was given,
that it could potentially destroy entire systems.
Obviously this must be stopped at all costs.
Enterprise was on it’s way out of the system to rendezvous
with a Vulcan battle group when they assisted you.
We’ve recalled them immediately.
We’re putting everyone we’ve got on the repairs of the NX-04.
It’ll be ready to launch in a week.
Sorry put you back out there so soon, Captain. But we don’t have a choice.
Yes, sir. I’ll head back to the NX-04 and oversee the repairs myself.
Anything you need - you got it. One week.
Thanks, sir.
Captain’s Log, June 21st, 2160.
None of us were ready to be back in space this soon,
especially for a combat mission.
But the crew are handling it well,
and if I’m being honest, better than I expected.
Better than me.
I know I don’t want to be back in the field this soon,
and I’m sure they don’t either...
But they’re doing their duty.
I couldn’t be more proud to be serving with them.
How’s it going?
I think we’re just about ready down here.
It’s been moving almost faster than I can keep track of,
we got new antimatter injectors, warp coils, plasma manifolds...
Rumor is we’ll be able to sustain warp 5.7 if we have to.
I like the sound of that.
If you get a chance check out the armory.
Tom’s pretty excited about some of the upgrades we’re getting.
That’s my next stop.
Captain, you’re gonna love this.
What have you got for me.
In addition to what we had,
four new phase cannon arrays,
an extended complement of photon torpedoes,
and my personal favorite...
Tricobalt torpedoes.
Starfleet has barely had time to test them,
but the initial results place the yield at 2.5 times than if a single photon torpedo.
Sounds like we’ll be able to hold our own against the Romulans.
Yes, sir, I believe so. There’s one other thing.
Prototype phase compression rifle.
Compression rifle?
Yes, sir.
It works by literally compressing the energy which allows
for a much higher particle density per single shot,
thereby increasing the yield up to three times that of a normal phase rifle.
I like it. How many do we have?
Four, sir.
Romulans ought to like that.
Keep me posted. I’m going to bridge.
I’ll be there straight away, sir.
Are you getting acclimated?
Most helm controls are more or less the same,
it’s just remembering where everything is.
I’ve been in here for the last four days day and night
trying to make sure they get everyting right.
Did they?
Your crews are very well-trained, Captain, even by Romulan standards.
Glad to hear it.
- Captain. - Sir.
Captain, we’re receiving a transmission from Admiral Gardner.
Let’s see it.
Captain, how are you doing?
I’m good, sir...ready to get the show on the road.
I’m glad to hear it, because I think Enterprise and the Vulcans are too.
Care to wish us luck, sir?
All the luck in the world, Captain... for all our sakes.
No pressure.
See you in a few days.
All hands, this is the captain.
We’re about to get under way.
I know that we’re preparing to go into a dangerous situation,
but we've done the work and we are ready.
Those of you who have been with us,
and those of you who are new to the crew...
I couldn’t be more proud to be serving with you.
All of you!
We have a job to do, now let’s get started.
Lieutenant T’mar, take us out.
Lieutenant, maximum warp.
You cannot allow the Coalition to stop construction of the weapon.
They’re bringing a fleet!
You said this would not happen!
The future is not set in stone,
I can only read significant changes in the timeline.
When will you be ready to fire?
The weapon is nearly finished, but I fear they will arrive before it’s ready.
You must hold this location.
The future of the Romulan people is in your hands, Admiral.
Do not forget that.
How you get along with the crew?
Well enough.
Ensign Sutherland seems intimidated by me,
but she appears to be open minded,
we’ve spoken a few times.
I’m glad to hear it. The rest will come around.
What we’re about to go into, this mission...
it will almost certainly require the use of deadly force.
I need to know you’re prepared to do whatever is necessary.
Even against your own people.
Captain, I am fully committed to what I’m doing.
I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.
There’s still one thing I don’t understand.
Why are you so committed to helping us?
I’ve had...
...doubts, about my people’s ways.
I buried them for a long time.
But when I first saw myself after the procedure,
I realized what I alone represented.
The annihilation of another people...
...for no reason.
I doubt I’m the first to want to change,
but I’m the first to step out and do something about it.
It took the same effort from a few good people on earth to make a change.
I just hope my people can learn from their mistakes before it’s too late.
Me too.
Did you see that?
We’re experiencing extreme gravimetric distortions.
What about the rest of the fleet?
Vulcans are reporting damage and minor casualties.
The Enterprise is reporting minor damage as well.
We can’t keep this up!
Are you seeing this?
Am I seeing what?
The thermobaric cloud barrier has grown over 5,000 kilometers
since the Vulcans first picked it up over a week ago.
I’m picking up gravimetric distortions coming from inside.
I’ve never seen this on any star charts.
That’s because it wasn’t here before.
The Masar was just hit by an extreme distortion, they’re falling back.
Do they need assistance?
They sustained heavy damage and casualities.
They’re withdrawing to earth.
We’re entering the thermobaric cloud barrier.
Things are gonna get a bit bumpy.
All hands, brace for impact.
Captain, I’m picking something up on the sensors.
What is it?
There's a clearing ahead, Romulan warp signatures.
Can we get a look at it?
Here we go!
Open up a channel to the battle group.
This is Captain Hawke, the starbase is just ahead. Let’s get started.
Three more ships coming in from aft, all Romulan!
Open fire! Photonic torpedoes and phase cannons!
Captain, if you like trying something crazy?
What have you got?
It’s on your screen.
I always like crazy. Relay it to the other ships.
Discovery to fleet. Prepare to initiate tactical maneuver Alpha One.
Engineering, we need all power to forward hull plating.
Take it from life support if you have to!
You’ve got it!
Lieutenant, be ready!
Two down, one to go.
Come about!
They’re retreating, joining the main battle group.
Hawke to all ships, form up. We need to stay on them.
The Coalition ships are here!
If they break through our main lines the weapon could be at risk.
Then you must activate the weapon now.
It isn’t ready.
It is your only choice, the fate of Romulus rests in your hands.
Admiral Verak to control center.
Begin the activation sequence.
Captain, I’m detecting an energy buildup from the center of the clearing.
- The weapon? - It's possible.
I thought it wasn’t ready?
I thought it wasn’t!
Put it onscreen.
Hawke to all ships.
When we enter the clearing we need to make a break for the Starbase.
We need you to cover us.
All ships report ready, sir.
Lieutenant, load the tricobalt torpedoes.
We need to see if these weapons are as good as they’re supposed to be.
Here we go!
Almost there!
Captain, we're receiving a transmission from the L’sek, they’re taking heavy damage.
Tell them to hold out as long as they can!
It's too late.
We’re in range!
Fire at will!
We’re barely making a dent in their shields!
Magnify the top of the starbase.
I don’t know about you but that looks like a vital system to me.
Captain, the Vulcan flagship is sustaining heavy damage, they won’t last much longer.
Tell Enterprise we can handle this, have them assist the Vulcans.
Lock onto those coordinates, tricobalt torpedoes.
Massive secondary explosions.
I think we did...
I’m reading a massive gravimetric distortion forming in the wake of the explosion.
T’mar, get us out of here!
Engines are at maximum, we’re caught in the distortion.
We’re being pulled in!
Are the Vulcans still out there? Can they lock onto us with a tractor beam?
Can’t get get a read on anything!
If we’re going to do something we’d better...
I’ve lost control of the helm.
Everybody out! Now!
Engineering to bridge. We’re evacuating down here!
Hull plating is gone, we have breaches on decks D, E, and F!
This is the captain, all hands abandon ship.
I repeat, all hands abandon ship!
Comm is down!
Systems are coming back online.
- Brooks to bridge. - Bridge here.
The distortions appear to have stopped. I’m to do a full systems check.
Let me know what you find out.
Tom, the Romulans?
They’re not there.
What do you mean they’re not there?
They’re just gone. There are no ships within our sensor range.
There is something out there.
Captain, maybe the better question is: where are we?
I belive Ensign Sutherland is correct.
But these readings can’t be right.
I’m also not recognizing any of these star configurations outside of the nebula.
Wherever we are, it’s in a star cluster that neither humans nor Romulans have discovered.
- How’s that possible? - I have no idea.
I don’t know either.
The best I can tell is that we were caught in some sort of subspace tear.
As to how we survived it or why we were brought here?
What about this system?
There’s a G-class star and the planet.
The planet is M-class, no life signs. But there is something else.
Aside from the fact that this monument would suggest someone once was here,
it’s also sitting on a huge power source.
Captain, I recommend that we take a team down to the surface of the planet.
We will, but first...
Jackson, I want a status report.
I want to know what happened.
Tom, I want to know what weapons we have and what needs fixing.
I want to know what’s on that planet.
We have to assume that it’s somehow all related.
And I’m not leaving this ship until I know what we do and don’t have.
Briefing in one hour.
I know we’re fresh out of spacedock, but we’re not in good shape.
We blew out EPS relays across the ship,
grav plating is down on G-deck,
hull breaches on E and F,
I may be able to get us operational in 5 days.
But that is bare minimum.
We don’t have 5 days, we need to get back in the fight.
Does it really matter? We don’t even know where we are.
I may have something on that.
I’ve been analyzing the star configurations beyond this system.
I was finally able to get a visual on something familiar.
My God!
That is the Milky Way galaxy.
How is that even possible?
I’m not sure.
Tom, have you heard anything about malfunctions or issues with the tricobalt torpedoes?
They’re experimental, still in testing, but Starfleet wanted us to have them.
When they impacted with the Romulan station,
they had an unintended side effect.
From what I can tell, the warheads actually tore a hole in subspace that was magnified
many times over by the extreme gravimetric distortions being emitted by the station.
So the subspace tear transported us hundreds of thousand of lightyears away.
Why here?
There is one thing the Romulan weapon and this planet have in common.
Unusually high gravimetric distortions.
So you’re saying that the Romulan weapon is somehow connected to this planet?
It could just be a fluke, but it does seem a bit coincidental.
Right now it’s all we’ve got.
How are we on transporters?
I can try to have them back online in a day.
T’mar, I want to take a shuttle to the surface.
I wouldn’t recommend that, Captain.
The atmosphere is saturated with ionizing particles.
There’s a strong possibility the gas could be ignited by the shuttle’s engines.
How strong a possibility?
I’d rather not try it unless we have to.
Alright. Jackson, Marie. When the transporters are back online,
we’ll head down to the surface and check out the monument.
We might need your language skills
if there's anything on the monument that needs to be decoded.
Yes, sir.
Captain, I may not be able to bring a shuttle down, but I could still be of service.
How so?
If this is a Romulan weapon or plan, I may be useful.
I’d advise against that.
Look where we are, you can’t tell me this is just coincidence.
That’s enough, Commander.
T’mar, I'll need you back here on the ship.
We have to resolve this, now.
Excuse me?
Whatever problems you have with me.
We aren’t gonna be able to get through this if we can’t work together.
What is your problem with me?
I have repairs to make.
Captain, everthing allright?
Chief More - yes, thank you! Everything's fine.
How is it in engineering?
Good, sir.
Great. Keep up the good work. Carry on.
Yes, sir.
Captain, what are you doing down here?
Trying to make myself useful.
Don't worry about that, I got people on this.
Yeah, but they won’t be by until morning.
I thought I’d get a head start.
Not bad. I should have you added to my staff.
I’ll put in a request to Admiral Gardner for a transfer.
Hey, can I ask you a question as a friend?
Yeah, what is it?
I’m pretty sure that most people on the ship have issues with T’mar.
But it really seems to be eating you up.
Deneva Colony...
What about it?
My girlfriend was aboard NX-03 when it was destroyed in orbit.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know.
I was gonna propose, I knew she'd say yes.
We've been talking about it for some time.
I knew it’d be a problem with us both serving in Starfleet.
I just assumed one of us were to resign our commission.
You know, if things were going different, Captain,
you'd have a different chief engineer.
I’m sorry, Francis.
It wasn’t in your file, I didn’t know.
Just trying to keep it a secret.
If it’s any consolation, I know how you feel.
A long time ago,
someone I loved was killed.
And for a long time...
I dedicated myself to finding those who did it.
Did you?
I wish I hadn't.
It was as if my life fell away,
and in a single moment I betrayed everything that I stood for.
Everything I thought humanity should be.
I’ve tried very hard to remain objective during this mission.
But who we are
and what we are
we should never lose that!
I'll try my best. I’d better get back to work.
Well, we're in one piece.
I guess my fixes worked.
Pretty soon I’ll be out of a job. Good luck, Captain.
These readings are...
There’s enough energy running underneath this monument to power ten NX class star ships.
What could provide that type of power?
I have no idea.
Come take a look at this.
Can you quantum date the structure?
Yeah... second.
Quantum dating puts this structure at just over...
250,000 years old.
There’s a repeating pattern to these symbols.
Maybe some sort of numerical system.
I think this is a tri-modal syntax based on these repeating symbols.
I got it!
- Horizon. - Horizon?
You’ve been scanned to determine basic physiological and mental attributes,
including language structure
so the importance of this message may be properly conveyed to you.
This monument is built not to our greatness nor our memory,
but to our failure.
It is here that my wife and I,
the last of our kind that we knew of,
lived our final days.
As we did, you stand on a world built for destruction,
the ultimate antithesis of what it meant to be an Iconian.
Where we sought to protect life,
the Arioui sought to turn our allies against us,
to destroy and take for their own.
We wasted what little time we had left
on trying to turn their weapon against them.
We should have removed this place from existence the moment we laid our eyes on it.
I just wish my wife were here with me now.
Perhaps we will meet again,
at the edge of the universe.
One can hope.
Well, that was ominous.
The structure must have been hidden in some sort of large cloaking barrier.
Sir, do you really think this is a good idea?
Do you have a better one, Ensign?
I agree, sir.
Just because we don’t have a better one doesn’t mean this is a good one.
We have no idea what could be in there.
Do you show anything on your scans?
No, sir.
Discovery, we’ve found a large structure.
We’re going in to investigate.
Yes, sir.
It just appeared on scanners. Be careful in there.
Hawke to Discovery.
Discovery, come in.
I don’t know! I’ve never seen anything like this.
The lift removes temporal anomalies.
It can be... unsetteling.
Try them again.
Channel open.
Captain Hawke, this is Discovery. Do you copy?
Captain, come in!
Close the channel. How long ago did they disappear from sensors?
30 minutes now.
Maybe we should take a team to the surface, check on them.
I agree, sir.
So happened to them could happen to you. No, I don't think so.
We need to find a way to recon the situation.
Yeah, and how can we do that?
We’ll think of something!
Oh really? Just like that?
Wait, I’m receiving a transmission.
Audio only.
Let's hear it.
Commander Brooks, nice to make your acquaintance.
Who am I speaking with?
I’m going to dismiss with the rest of the formalities, Commander, and get straight to the point.
I have your captain, comm officer, and science officer.
If you make any attempt to rescue them or communicate with them,
I will kill them and then destroy your ship.
- Commander. - What?
I would wager that he's going to kill them whether or not we attempt to mount a rescue.
Have you gotten any scans on the interior of that structure since it last appeared?
Some, it’s massive,
but if we can get a transporter lock on the Captain, we might be able to beam them out.
Good. I’ll work on boosting power to the transporter.
Tom, you have the bridge. T’mar, work on boosting our sensor resolution.
Glad to see I didn’t forget to set the disruptor to stun.
Who are you?
My name is Daekon.
Are you responsible for the Romulan weapon?
Have a guess, Captain.
I think there’s too much lining up for it to be a coincidence.
You are in vast need of a reality check, Captain.
Computer, open your outer hatches.
What is this place?
So aptly named.
Both for it’s majesty...
...and it’s grand power.
The Arioui, a race of beings unlike any the Iconians have ever known,
constructed this world,
a weapon,
over 250,000 years ago.
They fully intended to mop up the remains of the Iconian’s "Grand Alliance" with it.
At the last second, the Iconians moved this entire world to another galaxy.
The Horizon...
lost to all of history...
...until now.
The hologram at the monument,
was the Iconians?
His name was Commansour Hasaht.
Their end was somewhat poetic, actually.
While attempting to reprogram the tower’s defense drones
they missed a hidden protocol in the code.
The drones turned on them and killed them.
A mistake I was careful not to repeat.
So, you gave me a reality check,
but why are you doing this?
Your vessel, your crew.
How did you find this place?
We’re here by mistake.
I believe you.
So what now?
Now, I suppose you can stay and watch.
Watch what?
I want you to know what it feels like when your world burns like mine did.
In the 24th century, Romulus was destroyed.
All while the Federation sat by and did nothing.
Now what few of us are left are scattered across the Alpha Quadrant.
The 24th century?
This is the 28th century.
And it is here where you will watch while your entire future is destroyed.
That is the only reason you are still alive.
I’ve boosted the sensors as much as I’m going to be able to,
and with a stroke of luck,
several large hatches opened which allowed me to scan deeper into the surface.
From what I can tell the structure is massive.
It protrudes into underground caverns.
Any luck locating our people?
3 human lifesigns, in the underground chambers.
But there are extensive metal deposits in the surrounding rocks.
Which is going to make it nearly impossible to get a transporter lock.
- What if we try something else? - What’d you have in mind?
Low risk, we try to beam down communicators and weapons.
If we can’t get them out directly, at least we can lend a hand.
Let’s do it.
Find me.
Is there somebody there?
Discovery, come in.
Captain, you there?
- Yes, is everything alright up there? - Yes, sir.
We’re going to get you out of there, but can’t get a clear enough lock to beam you and the others out.
Can you get me a scanner and a weapon?
Hold on, sir.
Tom, I’d like some more firepower just incase.
Can you send me one of those phase compression rifles?
And an extra phase pistol.
Yes, sir.
I’m getting an energy reading from the structure.
What is it?
It looks like some sort of objects are separating from the main structure.
Put it up.
They look like attack drones.
I’d say that’s exactly what they are.
Tactical alert, load photonic torpedoes.
Stand back!
It’s good to see you.
You too.
I guess yours wasn’t as nice as mine.
What are you talking about?
Let's go get Marie.
T’mar, you think we can make it through that radiation?
I can try.
Hawke to Discovery.
I’ve found Jackson and Marie.
We’re going to try to get out of this structure.
If you don’t hear from me in ten minutes, you hit this place with everything you’ve got!
I’m not gonna leave you down there!
That’s an order, Commander!
Captain! I think I found a way out of here!
Well what is it?
Just down that corridor is some kind of antigravity platform.
It's the best we've got.
I’ll cover you.
Any time!
Discovery, can you get a lock on us?
Not yet, there’s still interference, you need to get further from the tower.
We’ll do our best.
Can't this thing go any faster?
This isn’t exactly a starship!
Did you get them?
I got them, they’re safe and sound.
I don’t know about sound.
Oh God, come on!
How is she?
Doc says he doesn’t know if she’ll make it.
I wish we had more time to worry about Marie,
but we have to deal with Daekon.
Jackson, have you informed them of the situation?
Yes, sir.
T’mar, what do you think about this? He is a Romulan.
I’ve never even heard of Daekon.
And I’m as clueless as you are.
I’m guessing any information about Daekon or the fact that he’s from the
28th century is highly restricted information in the Imperial Senate.
I figured as much...
We have to put a stop to this.
Where are we with weapons and hull plating?
I can give you phase cannons or torpedoes, but I can’t give you both.
Most I can give you on hull plating is 50%. That's if we’re lucky.
Captain, if you’re considering a frontal assault, I’m not sure that would be the best idea.
From the scans I took of the structure while inside, it’s highly shielded.
And even if our weapons could damage or destroy it,
I’m not sure we’d be able to get past the drones.
Why hasn’t Daekon just destroyed us and gone about his business?
I think I can answer that.
From what I can tell, the weapon has a long recharge time.
It seems the gravimetric distortions are a direct side-effect of the weapon,
and since we got here they’ve dropped off significantly and have been slowly rising again.
I don’t think it can simply be fired like a torpedo.
Well, at least we’ll have a warning sign if he intends to use it again.
But we can’t count on it.
You all know the severity of the situation.
We’ve been through a lot these last couple of days.
Hell, the last six months.
Get some rest, we need you clear-headed.
Find me, Harrison!
Save me!
Find me, Harrison!
We gotta get you to sickbay.
You must protect the timeline!
Protect the timeline!
Find me, Harrison!
There's more in stake than you know.
Find me!
We gotta get you to sickbay.
No, I’ll be fine.
We have a lot to talk about.
You look...
I feel - terrible.
Dermal regeneration will only do so much for you.
Dermal regeneration?
There are some things we need to talk about before anything else.
I’m all ears.
There’s no easy way to say this.
Say what?
My assignment to Discovery wasn’t by chance.
Your dreams after you thought I’d died weren’t an accident.
I don’t really follow.
I’m a temporal agent.
I’m not from your time.
I was sent to Discovery because your time period
is a major front in the Temporal Cold War.
I know it’s a lot to take in.
So what you’re saying is...
This ship, crew...
...was just an assignment, a job?
It started out as an assignment.
But you have to know that my time here and
and the way that I feel about you...
It became so much more than an assignment.
So, assuming what you say is true...
Why me?
Why Discovery? Why not Enterprise!
They’re the ones that ended the Temporal Cold War.
Because the Enterprise is too important to risk at this point.
I get it, the ship that has a footnote in history is expendable.
I wouldn’t put it that way.
What about the dreams?
I encoded them into your subconscious while you were sleeping.
In case anything happened,
you’d hopefully be able to activate the beacon before it was too late.
We’re in the 28th century...
We were trying to destroy the Romulan weapon,
when we got caught in some sort of gravimetric distortion that pulled us here.
Romulan weapon?
It could have been devestating.
The Romulans aren’t supposed to have that sort of technology in this time period.
What is it?
I'm sorry if I woke you, sir, but I couldn't sleep. Could you come down to engineering? It's important.
I’ll be there right away, besides I’ve someone here who’d like to say hello.
You feel up to taking a walk?
Yeah. I think I can manage.
I recommend that we keep this information on a need-to-know basis.
What kind of story would you like to make up this time?
I think we can trust the senior staff.
Reports of my death have been over-exaggerated...but not by much.
How are you here?
The section you were in decompressed to space.
Look, I know you all have questions, but it’s a long story.
We’ll explain at the briefing in the morning.
So, what do you have for us?
I assume you called me down here at 4 in the morning for something?
Yes. It’s not everyday you see a ghost.
We have a theory on how we got here.
We know the gravimetric wave concentration was much higher when we arrived,
which is when the rift formed.
We think the distortions from the Romulan weapon and this planet were somehow linked,
essentially acting like a magnet, pulling us through space and time.
After studying the subspace tear, the only answer I keep coming back to
is that the tricobalt devices must have had an irreparable flaw
that caused them to have unpredictable effects on subspace.
In the case of mixing with this kind of gravimetric distortion,
we have seen what the side effect is.
Do you think you could recreate the subspace tear?
Well that’s what we’re hoping for.
Whatever’s generating the distortions seems to be consistently building a charge,
but it’s just not strong enough to open a rift.
Good work, it’s a start.
Amelia, I want a report on everything you know about the Temporal Cold War and this situation.
Briefing in two hours.
Yes, sir.
Whatever is going on, just wanted you to know..
It’s good to have you back.
Thanks, you know it’s really good to be back.
I’d better get started.
All of this has been classified top secret by Starfleet and remains in this room.
Until now it has been privy only to ship captains and admirals.
I am from the 31st century.
We have technology that allows us to travel through time with the ease you travel through space.
Obviously it was very quickly realized how dangerous this technology could be,
so Temporal Accords were put into place,
outlawing the use of the technology for anything other than observation of the timeline.
There are groups that have broken these accords
and seek to bend the timeline to their own will
with total disregard for the consequences.
The Temporal Cold War.
It was officially ended five years ago,
and all groups brought to justice, with the exception of one.
Until recently we have been unable to locate him or ascertain his identity.
I believe this man on the surface, Daekon,
is the last fugitive from the Temporal Cold War.
Any questions?
I think we can destroy the Horizon by overloading it’s central power matrix.
I agree, it’s the best way.
The good news is that since the weapon has been building a charge,
I’ve noticed a significant drop in the strength of the dampening field that was blocking our transporters.
Should be able to transport you right into the living room.
Tom, I’ll be taking you and Amelia down to the surface
where we are going to try to overload the Horizon from the inside.
Francis, I want your people working double time,
do whatever you have to.
If this doesn’t work, we’ll need everything we can muster to try and take it out from orbit.
Jackson, work with Francis on trying to recreate the subspace tear.
It's me honest, I don’t know how this is going to work out.
But we have a job to do.
And no matter what... people are counting on us.
Any questions?
Jackson, when we go down to the surface, if for whatever reason we can’t complete our objective
I want you to try to take that tower out by any means necessary. Understood?
Yes, sir.
Amelia, Tom!
Transporter room in one hour.
Have you come to kill me, Captain?
I can’t allow you to use that weapon.
It is not only a weapon, it is a temporal observatory.
One even unlike what our friend from the 31st century has seen.
Don’t bother denying it.
The temporal signature of everyone in the room is logged by the computer.
Would make sense.
Looks like this place doubles as an observatory.
Scan the timeline, send a message to the past,
change things from afar.
What is this?
The destruction of Romulus.
If a change is implemented over time -
a series of small changes -
then time ripples outward,
affecting the past and the future in waves.
But if one tries to change too much at any given time,
the fabric of space and time fractures,
and a new universe is born.
What’s your point?
I've worked a lifetime for this,
giving the Romulans of your day just enough to finish the weapon, to change my future.
All using a technology that even the legendary Iconians couldn’t master.
And even they, for all their intelligence,
could'nt sustain their union of peace.
And here you are,
repeating their mistakes with your precious Federation.
It is sickening.
Allowing your species to become so tainted and dilluted that yours is as dead as mine.
I will not stand for that, Captain.
I cannot stand for that.
It is a numbers game.
Your people for mine,
your union for my empire.
It is as simple as that.
Discovery, come in.
Discovery here, Captain.
Carry out your orders.
One way or another, this ends here.
Where did he go?
Load the photonic torpedoes.
Yes, sir.
Target the tower.
Loaded and ready, sir.
T’mar, you think you can handle getting us in without burning up the atmosphere?
Where is he?
He is above us.
That can’t be good.
Power is being shunted to that station.
What was that?
Gravimetric distortions, lots of them.
Keep this heading!
This looks similar to an intergravic platform we run before.
Can you use it?
Yeah, I think so.
You need to destroy this place at all cost!
I’m doing my best! The gravimetric distortions are tearing us apart.
Discovery, come in!
It's over!
Take cover!
The distortions are subsiding.
I think we’re in some kind of bubble generated by the tower.
Let's see it.
Zoom in.
Target those things, take them out as soon as we’re in range.
If we’re going to do something, we’d better do it soon!
You hear that?
Sorry about that, Captain. Would you like a lift?
Take Amelia and Tom, I still have to set the overload sequence.
Harrison, wait!
I can read Romulan.
I've a much better chance of disabling this thing than you do.
See you on the ship Lieutenant.
Good luck, Captain.
Daekon! You don’t have a choice anymore.
Either you stop or we’ll destroy this place.
Do you really want to die alone in the middle of nowhere like the last Iconians?
The Iconians held such high standards for everyone else,
but what did it get them?
Think about the hologram at the monument.
They died on this world.
Do you really think they left it as a monument to themselves?
To their greatness?
If the Iconians had truly learned from the past,
they wouldn’t have tried to save the most powerful weapon ever created for themselves.
It’s building a charge. Two minutes.
The Iconian gateway.
I have to stay here.
I can overload the power systems, cause a self destruct.
I'll do it.
I’m the logical choice, I can read Romulan.
I can go through the gate at the last second.
But you’ll end up God knows where or when.
I can find my way back. I’m not new to this.
60 seconds. If you go right now you'll have just enough time to open the rift and get back.
Discovery! One to beam up.
Where's Amelia?
She's staying behind.
Tricobalt torpedoes.
Prepare to fire.
Aye, sir.
Let's go home.
The rift appears to be stable.
3,000 meters... 2,000...
The tower is going critical.
Aft cameras!
Compensating for the distortions this time. Sending to your station T’mar.
I'm trying.
We’re almost through, the gravimetric field is beginning to destabilize.
The field is collapsing!
Captain, star charts show that we’re in the right place.
But the barometric cloud barrier, the distortions, nebulae, they’re all gone.
Looks like Amelia might have been succesful.
Any ships? Is the Enterprise still out there? The Vulcans?
Captain, I’m picking up some transmissions.
Faint, narrow band.
Let’s hear it.
Can you clear it up?
Working on it.
Sir, I have the Enterprise on the sensors.
They’re running on reserve power,
warp engines are down, they’re in bad shape.
The Vulcans?
One Vulcan ship adrift, the Kurok. Very faint life signs.
Set a course for Enterprise. Transport all Vulcan survivors here.
Jackson, open up a communication channel.
Discovery to Enterprise. Can you read me?
Enterprise, come in.
Enterprise here.
Enterprise, glad to hear that you're ok.
We're sending over repair teams and medical supplies right away. Hawke out.
Jackson, coordinate with Francis to get the teams over to the Enterprise.
Yes, sir.
Any luck on the transmissions?
I think I’m getting it now.
What is it?
A faint signal from a transponder in the Romulan debris.
It’s a message being transmitted on loop.
I managed to clear it up.
Let’s hear it.
The human Coalition has destroyed the weapon before it could be activated.
We must not allow this pestulence to grow further.
Destroy that transponder, now!
If they send their entire fleet, then everything you’ve accomplished will be for nothing.
I wish I had a solution.
But we’re operating in the dark here.
I have a meeting with the Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellerites later today.
Word is the Romulans are amassing a force in the Cheron system.
Will you be deploying us, sir?
You did a hell of a job, Harrison.
I know practically no one more deserving of a rest.
Thank you, sir. It wasn’t exactly what we expected.
You handled it well.
You and your crew have been an excellent asset to Starfleet.
Thank you.
If all goes well, a fleet of Vulcan, Andorian, Tellerite, and some of our own ships
including Discovery and Enterprise will be deployed to the Cheron system.
It says here you’re transferring T’mar?
Yes, that's right. The assignment’s over.
May I make a request, sir?
I’d like to keep T’mar at the helm.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
You got a second?
I'm really not in the frame of mind for your usual attitude,
- so if you... - Just hear me out.
I wanted to say...
I regret some of the things that happened between us.
Is that all?
I’m trying to apologize.
So apologize.
I don’t know if I’m able to change over night.
Or if I’ll be able to accept things.
I want you to know that I’m trying.
And I am sorry for some of the things I’ve said and done.
Thank you!
Before you say anything, yes it’s really me.
No implanted dreams or visions.
I took the Iconian gateway offworld just before the tower was destroyed.
I have no idea where I was, but I activated my beacon,
much like you did and I was retrieved by people from my time.
All in a day’s work.
What is it?
My superiors don’t know I’m here.
I can’t stay.
I needed to let you know that I’m okay.
And that I really do care about you.
If things were different...
I... actually understand.
I just wish it didn’t have to be this way.
Me too.
Are things any different in your time?
Are we really any better?
I can’t say too much, I don’t want to contaminate the timeline more than I already have.
But I can tell you that the Coalition of Planets leads to a great alliance.
I am actually part Romulan.
A small part.
But my great-grandfather was Romulan.
My grandmother was 1/8th Cardassian...
my mother was human...
my father was human, more or less.
The Federation that Daekon mentioned?
It is destined for so much more than you realize.
So, we’re on the same path as the others?
What do you mean?
and Iconians...
At our core, are we really any different?
I’m sorry, I have to go.
If I stay any longer, someone might notice.
Will we ever see each other again?
I wish I could say that we would.
Perhaps we will.
At the edge of the universe.
I’d like that.
One can hope.
English subtitles by Andreas Amlinger
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Star Trek - Horizon: Full Film

438 Folder Collection
賴明塨 published on August 5, 2016
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