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On the banks of the Sarawak River, very near to the equator stands Kuching, the capital
of Sarawak and the most populous city in Borneo.
Kuching has a colourful history which reads like a romantic adventure novel, but it also
has a lot to offer to modern day travellers. Endowed with a bounty of cultural and architectural
treasures visitors are advised to set aside at least a few days here to truly appreciate
Kuching's magical appeal.
There are numerous museums to explore, including the Sarawak Museum which is considered one
of the finest in the whole of South East Asia.
Kuching is home to many fine historic buildings such as Fort Magherita, and The Astana, the
former palace of the White Rajahs.
Beneath her modern skyline, the heart of old Kuching pulsates with vibrant lanes, shophouses
and markets that have changed little over the decades. Famed for her beautiful sunsets
Kuching is a city that likes to stay up late, as the locals and visitors mingle in the
many cafes, bars and restaurants along the Waterfront.
Kuching is also an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding national parks and
nearby beach resorts.
But perhaps the best way to experience the area is to paddle up the river on one of the
popular kayak tours. Immersed in a green world of towering trees and nature's sights and sounds,
modern travellers can experience a Borneo that has changed little through the years.
Being so close to the best of Sarawak, and home to relaxed and friendly people, it's
not hard to see why the 'City of Cats' is considered one of Malaysia's best kept secrets.
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Kuching, Malaysia (1080HD) Travel Video

208 Folder Collection
Esther Wang published on August 4, 2016
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