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Hi guys,now I'm going to show you what this bundle can do.The next video will be about
the shockforce kit so stay tune. Now let's see how many kills will i get with this.
So it should be a one shot.So far it's been one shot.And it has 8 rounds in it so its very very useful
The sound for the bullets are actually very cool,it sounds like explosions.
I'm not really good with the sniper so i hope you guys won't mind that.
And also I will try to keep the recording quick so I'll pause it here till the last few seconds.
The stats of the weapon is the same as the Hunter Rifle but the sound is way cooler and its a one shot kill.The head gives 5% accuracy to all snipers.
The vest reduces 10% reloading time of any snipers.
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Respawnables Designated Marksman Review

130 Folder Collection
1582 published on July 28, 2016
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