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Guangzhou, Southern China
A city of over 15 million people
With enough food for a lifetime
Home of Cantonese cuisine and dim sum
This is where it all happens
And I came here for one reason only
To eat
This place is a food lovers heaven
and I’m here to try my top 7 dishes you must try in Guangzhou
Lets go
Let’s start of with number 7
A fish skin salad that locals line up down the street for
Just look at this
This is super unique
Fresh water fish skin is boiled
And mixed into a salad bowl
Full of soy sauce
Sprinkle some sesame
And peanuts on there
Fish skin!
Let’s take a look
Look at that!
It’s like slimy and crunchy at the same time
And there is a strong sesame flavor in there
And a strong cilantro flavor in there
This happens every time
And now on to number 6
Cheung fen
This is rice flour water
Laid down over a cheesecloth
Covered in seasoned beef, pork, or shrimp
And steamed
Then it’s peeled off
Rolled up
And covered in soy sauce
Juicy and to die for
Let’s try that out
You can taste a bit of pork and shrimp flavor
Mixed throughout there
The rice flour noodle is quite gooey and soft
Number 5
This famous chicken dish in Southern China
Is best with some side dishes
Like fried rice noodles with beef
Or a bowl of sweet red date spare ribs
This chicken is whole
And boiled in seasoned water
Before being submerged in cool water
To give it’s skin a nice and firm texture
Look at the skin on there!
Apparently that’s the secret!
I’m going to dip it in some garlic onion sauce
Oh yeah
Ok let’s try it out
The chicken is really smooth
That’s probably the softest chicken I’ve ever had
And now a true classic for number four
It’s found on nearly every street corner
Roasted fatty honey barbecue pork
AKA cha shao
This is next level heaven
Look at that!
I can’t speak
I just have to try it
Look at that fatty roast barbecue pork
It’s like dripping with goo
It’s like sweet and bbq combined
And fatty and lean
And crispy and soft
That’s heaven
Top 3!
Hole in the wall noodles
You can’t go wrong
The best I had was a bowl of beef brisket noodle soup
At a packed out hole in the wall
Get a nice piece of beef
And noodle in there
I was not expecting that!
That beef is almost tangy
A little sweet
And salty
It has a nice kick to it
And those noodles are hand made!
Number two was insane!
At a cantonese seafood restaurant
The selection of fish here
At the legendary hongxing restaurant
Made this spot feel more like an aquarium than a restaurant
They had everything
From some rare and controversial foods
Like crocodiles
Water beetles
Chicken testicles
Coral groupers
And sharks fin soup
To some more common seafoods
Like Boston lobsters
And Alaskan crabs
I have a beautiful Alaskan King Crab here
I’m at the most insane seafood restaurant in Guangzhou
It’s like an aquarium
It’s like a fish pet store
There’s so much crazy stuff here
My mind is blown
We are going to have an Alaskan King Crab
Let’s check it out
Oh my god
It’s huge!
Look at this
This is a huge
High class feast
At a Guangdong style seafood restaurant
I’ve got an Alaskan king crab
It looks amazing
I have xiu mai here
And ha gao dim sum
Look at that
Let’s just break that off
Oh god
That’s insane
It’s dripping with juice
Take me home baby
This garlic dip is actually a little peanutty
Now we’re finally here at number one
You knew it
It’s dim sum
The dim sum in Guangzhou is legendary
And worth the flight alone
I sampled enough dim sum for four people
Each dish bringing me closer to my dim sum heaven
I am beyond excited right now
I have a huge dim sum breakfast feast here in Guangzhou
Where to begin?
I am probably going to go for my favorite right away
This is ha gao
Which is basically like rice flour dumplings
Wrapped over shrimp and pork fat
Look at that sticky rice
This is lotus leaf rice
Filled with egg yolk
Dried scallop
And Chicken
i’m going to try that out
The lotus leaf
That earthiness is steamed through the rice
And it almost has an umami mouthfeel to it
It just warms your mouth
Thank you so much for watching
Please leave me a comment down below if you enjoyed this video
Whatever you want to say
I just loved hearing from you
If you really loved it
You could share with your friends too
Thanks again
And please leave me a comment
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7 Chinese Foods You MUST Try In Southern China

664 Folder Collection
Yassion Liu published on July 23, 2016
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