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  • Welcome back to Brain Candy TV!

  • [Yawn] Time to get up.

  • Hey wait a minute, it’s my birthday today!

  • Woah, look at all of those presents!

  • I wonder what we got!

  • We have a green present, an orange present, a red one,

  • a blue one, a yellow present and a purple present!

  • This is so exciting!

  • Let’s open the green one first!

  • What’s this? It looks like a green helicopter,

  • but there must be more parts inside.

  • Aha, here’s the main rotor.

  • Here are the landing skids.

  • And here’s the tail rotor.

  • Let’s put it all together.

  • The helicopter is the color green.

  • The green helicopter was in the green box!

  • Let’s see what’s in the orange box!

  • What’s this?

  • It kind of looks like an orange tractor.

  • Oh, here’s the front loader.

  • I know what it is! It’s an orange backhoe!

  • Let’s put all of the parts together.

  • This toy backhoe is so realistic.

  • Look at all of the moving parts!

  • And it even has a construction worker inside!

  • Our backhoe is the color orange.

  • The orange backhoe was in the orange box!

  • I wonder what’s in the red box?

  • Awe, cool, it’s a red toy firetruck!

  • Now weve got all of the wheels.

  • What else do we need to add?

  • Of course, a fire truck wouldn’t be complete

  • without a big ladder!

  • Let’s put the fire truck together!

  • Woah! Look how high the ladder can go!

  • The toy firetruck is the color red!

  • The red fire truck was in the red box.

  • Let’s check out the blue present!

  • What do we have this time?

  • Here's one set of wheels.

  • Two sets of wheels.

  • Three sets.

  • Four sets!

  • Woah, five sets of wheels!

  • What could possibly have so many wheels?

  • Ah, I know, it’s a blue transport truck.

  • And here’s the trailer it will tow.

  • Let’s put it all together!

  • The transport truck is the color blue.

  • And the blue transport truck was in the blue box!

  • Let’s see what we have in the yellow box.

  • What do you think it is?

  • That thing looks familiar.

  • Oh, I know what it is!

  • It’s a yellow bulldozer and here are the tracks!

  • Let’s see if we can put all of the parts together.

  • The bulldozer is the color yellow!

  • And the yellow bulldozer was in the yellow box.

  • I wonder what’s in the purple box?

  • Oooh, that looks like part of a cool airplane!

  • There’s one wing.

  • And here’s the other wing.

  • These are called horizontal stabilizers and they

  • attach to the tail.

  • OK, let’s attach all of the parts!

  • This airplane is the colour purple.

  • The purple airplane was in the purple box.

  • Wow, what a great birthday!

  • We got lots of cool toys AND we learned about colors!

  • I hope you have a lot of fun on YOUR next birthday!

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Welcome back to Brain Candy TV!

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Birthday Surprise | Learn Colors for Kids with Fun Toys and Vehicles by Brain Candy TV

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    Yassion Liu posted on 2016/07/22
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