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  • Welcome back to Brain Candy TV!

  • Hey Brainiacs! Let's go to the construction site

  • where we can learn about the different parts of a

  • backhoe and how it works!

  • A backhoe has four wheels. 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  • This part is the tractor which contains the engine.

  • The engine gives the backhoe its power.

  • This part is where all of the controls are,

  • and it's called the cab.

  • Here come some lights so the backhoe can work

  • in the dark.

  • The steering wheel allows the driver to turn the backhoe

  • left and right.

  • We'd better include a seat for the driver to sit on.

  • And of course, we need the driver to operate it.

  • The exhaust pipe moves hot air and gases away from the engine.

  • Let's add some windows to protect the driver

  • And some doors so the driver can get in and out.

  • These are called stabilizer legs, and they help keep the

  • backhoe steady when it's digging in the ground.

  • Here is the backhoe and the backhoe bucket.

  • This part is used for digging holes.

  • This is the front loader

  • and the front loader bucket.

  • The front loader is really strong and can lift lots of

  • heavy dirt and rocks.

  • And there is the finished backhoe!

  • Let's see it in action!

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Welcome back to Brain Candy TV!

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Learn About a Backhoe | Construction Vehicles for Children

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