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It helps if people speak more slowly and clearly.
The problem is most people don't speak like this.
English with Jennifer
Do you understand me if I talk at a normal pace?
If you don't understand, turn on the captions now.
Many language learners become frustrated
listening to native speakers.
Often we talk fast, really fast.
But it's not just the speed is it?
Part of the challenge is having enough vocabulary
and enough knowledge of grammar to understand what's being said.
But besides that,
many of you tell me that people just don't speak clearly in English.
People push their words together or mumble.
Well, I can't change the fact that some people speak less clearly than others.
But I can help you make sense of fast speech in general.
Over the next twenty days I'll give you twenty tips.
What kinds of patterns do most American English speakers follow?
What kinds of changes do we make when we talk fast?
Listen and learn.
I'm not promising total listening comprehension
in English in just twenty days.
I am telling you that listening will become an easier task
if you take on my 20-day challenge.
Are you up for it?
Let's go!
Please visit my website
and you'll find a lot of resources for students,
including over 100 free interactive exercises.
I'll be posting a very special form of additional listening practice.
Click to see my list of recommended resources.
You can also click to view my current teaching schedule.
Study with me online.
You can take a live class or enroll in a self-paced course.
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Learn to Understand Fast Speech in English: a 20-day challenge with JenniferESL

4178 Folder Collection
Harrison Mia published on July 21, 2016    Jessica Lin translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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