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Painter Essentials 5
Wacom compatibility
Painter’s brushes are designed and tested by artists
to ensure they seamlessly mimic
their real-world counterparts.
The Painter team works hand-in-hand with
Wacom technology to deliver the most
authentic painting experience when using Essentials
with the entire line of Wacom products.
Let’s take a closer look.
If I choose a Chalk, Pastel or Crayon,
and make a stroke on the canvas,
it is easy to vary the pressure of the stroke and appearance of texture using the stylus.
Next let’s try the Oils – Real Oils Filbert.
I can blend the hard media with the oil paint,
vary the tilt and rotation of the brush,
plus, the brush runs out of paint
just like a traditional brush would!
The ability to take advantage of Wacom’s 2048 levels
of pen pressure and tilt recognition,
gives me complete control over my digital media.
When pairing Essentials with a Wacom multi-touch enabled device, you can also pan,
and rotate your canvas with ease using intuitive gestures.
Just double tap to reset the canvas.
Experience the power of Painter Essentials 5
when paired with Wacom's pen tablets and pen displays
and creativity will be at your fingertips.
Turn everyday inspiration into impressive art
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Painter Essentials 5 and Wacom Compatibility

843 Folder Collection
田宇紳 published on July 14, 2016
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