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Hello there! So I've been living in the UK now for over 2 years, and I'm starting to
develop this weird, British-esque accent, at least I hope so.
So to further help that, I've got my friend Cherry Wallis from Birmingham. She's gonna
be teaching me how to speak with a full-on British accent.
So what do I got to do? So I've got some phrases, and I want you to
say them, in your best British accent. *in Shite British accent* I'm ready. I am very
The first one is Good golly! I have to get more tea!
Good golly! I've got to get more tea! I HAVE to get.
I said got! Because you're American.
Good golly! I have to get more tea! That was okay.
*British* alright Golly! What an outrageous crumpet.
*shit British* Golly! What an outrageous crumpet. Who says that?!
You sound like a robot when you do your British.
*in what sounds like an attempt at a British robot voice*
Golly! What an outrageous crumpet. Ah-may-zing!
Hide your crumpets; the queen ran out of tea! Hide your crumpets, the tea ran out of queen!
*laughing* *laughing intensifies*
Hide your crumpets the queen ran out of tea! You sound so excited.
Oh sorry. *in bored voice* Hide your crumpets the queen
ran out of tea!
Not like TAY I'm British squidward.
Pip pip!
Tally ho! I'm off to watch the racing at Ascot. Tally ho! I'm off to watch the racing at Ascot.
Wow. Was that good? Meh. It's so fake British.
Oh hold on! Let me do my London.
Tally ho! I'm off to watch the racing at Ascot.
I can still tell you're American.
Blimey, my old chap. It's a bit chilly today innit?
Blimey, my old chap. This doesn't sound like British; it sounds like fake Dick Van Dyke.
Why's everything Blimey?!
You sort of have an Australian twang like BLIMEY.
It's quite chilly out today isn't it? Go back to America.
I don't wanna get deported.
HA Sorry. It's okay.
Oh good lord that's moist. Oh good lord that's moist.
That was alright actually. Alright.
Alright. I just watch Ben Cook's videos over and over
to go "Alright." Alright
Alright I feel like I'm like the seagull from Finding
Nemo. Except mine, mine... alright alright.
Oh good lord that's moist. That was your best one so far.
Has anyone put the kettle on? It hurts my mouth.
But it was anybody it was anyone! *Cherry Wallis sabotage*
I am literally bringing my Americanisms. That's how I speak now. Half American half
Has anyone put the kettle on? Has anyone put the kettle on?
So forced , but it's okay.
Oh spiffing! Want some tea and crumpet with that Victoria sponge?
Oh spiffing! Want some tea and crumpets with that Victoria sponge?
That was alright actually. You're actually getting better sortof.
Should I do some british youtuber intros If you want to
Aloha sprinklerinos That doesn't sound anything like Zoella
That's because it's Louise *laughing*
Are you KIDDING ME?! "That does not sound like Zoella."
FAKE FAN! *laughing intensifies*
*while laughing* That doesn't sound anything like zoella
Excuse me sir, can you please move? I'd like to sit on this underground carriage.
Just kidding no one would even talk on the underground.
Bugger off. Piss off.
Is that good? No
Piss off. Bob's your uncle.
Bob's your uncle. Okay that was American as frick.
Bob is not my uncle; I just wanted to clarify I don't have an uncle.
The dog's bollocks. What?
Have you never heard that as a British phrase? I don't hang around your type.
Do you know what it means? The dog's bollocks? The dog's balls?!
No no no. Okay. *uncomfortable laughing*
What would you like for dinner? THE DOG'S BOLLOCKS!
How is that an expression?!
It says it means when you think something is the absolute best it is the dog's bollocks.
You know what I love? The dog's bollocks. No, you don't love the dog's bollocks, if
you like your laptop... Then it's the dog's bollocks.
So I'm comparing my laptop to some dog's testicles which means it's great?
I didn't say that. I knew that it made sense, but that's what
it is. I've got the hump.
*eyebrows raise* That's an actual phrase that is used commonly
in Britain. I've got the hump.
Do you know what it means? I'm horny?
Nope. It means you're annoyed at someone. *laughs* I'm horny.
I'm at the club *pronounced claughb* because I got the hump.
Uhm, alright so I've got the hump with England because they won't let me stay.
Aww. I'm Hermione Granger! And you are?
Okay just stop trying to imitate women. Oh bugger.
Everyone says bugger. But not in America...
So I went to my nan's house the other day and she didn't even offer me tea so I was
like piss off and then she slapped me in the face.
Did it work? No. No.
You know we say grandma as well right? Everyone here has a nan. Everyone's like my
NAN. No I have a nan; I also have a grandma.
They're the same thing. Are they lesbians?
NO! *laughing*
I'm just going to the corner shop to get some fish and chips.
I'm just going to the corner shop to get some fish and chips.
I'm just going to the corner shop to get some fish and chips.
You tried. *laughing* you tried.
You tried.
Toodle pip ol' chap I rode my Boris bike past the Thames yesterday and I hit a pigeon with
my mouth.
1 to 10 what do you rate me? 3?
A 3 out of 10? I think I deserve at least a 7.
What do you think? If you're going for really posh countryside
British. I have money.
Then maybe a 4 or a 5. Alright.
Thanks for watching, everybody. I hope you enjoyed my British accent.
Please rate me below, and also I did a video on Cherry's channel where I taught her how
to speak in an American accent. *in the worst attempt at an American accent
ever to be conceived* I did amazingly...y'all. *laughing* And obviously it went great.
So thank you for watching. Click here to subscribe to my channel
And click here to go to Cherry's channel. Thanks for watching I'll see you guys next
week. Good bye.
*catchy af whistling theme tune*
No I'm gonna give you some phrases to say... when you don't spill your tea down your jumper.
*laughing* Ahhhh!
*laughing intensifies* So hot!
Hot pants!
Oh...*spills tea* *laughing*
That's 2 tea spills in one video. Ugh, calamiTEA.
You know that's really not good I still got a head concussion.
*laughing* Yeah I went to the doctor's the other day...
Got some medication... Did you... HEAD to the doctor's?
*the look of supreme pun judging* *laughing*
I hate you so much. Leave.
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HOW TO SPEAK BRITISH ACCENT | Evan Edinger & Cherry Wallis

1407 Folder Collection
Yi-Ting Chen published on July 9, 2016
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