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  • Yaaaay!

  • He invited me to the school dance.

  • What a bimbo.

  • Seriously hot though.

  • I know boy-girl friendships can be quite complicated sometimes.

  • Boobs 'au naturel' or pushed up?

  • Is it for dancing, or is it...or is

  • Wanker!

  • Alex! Thank god where are you?

  • I'm on my way out!

  • No wait! You've got to help me, there's been an accident.

  • Can we just talk about this later?

  • No, I mean there was an accident, um with the thing with Greg.

  • You need to be really clear!

  • And really precise!

  • The condom!

  • Came off inside my vagina and at present I am unable to locate it.

  • That's way more information than I needed...

  • I've got news...

  • Me too.

  • Scholarship to Harvard!

  • Well.... Well come on, you're coming too...

  • Right?

  • Now what's your news?

  • You might as well just kill yourself now. I can sort the drugs?

  • Keep in touch, ok?

  • We're getting married!

  • Congratulations..!

  • You told me to come here! It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you!

  • Thank you!

  • It is so great having you as a friend.

  • Every time something goes wrong in my life,

  • all I gotta do is look at yours and it puts everything into perspective.

  • It was no ordinary friendship.

  • We were inseparable.

  • Constantly being separated.

  • I have realized that...

  • No matter where you are,

  • or who you're with,

  • I will always,

  • truly,

  • completely,

  • love you.

  • You're looking way too hot right now Rosie!


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