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Taiwan is on alert as Typhoon Nepartak makes landfall on the island, forcing thousands of people
to evacuate their homes. So far, one death and one injury have been reported
so far. Lee Minyoung has this report.
Super Typhoon Nepartak is battering Taiwan, devastating parts of the island.
The typhoon made landfall in Taiwan early Friday, about 15 kilometers south of the eastern
city of Taitung,... packing wind speeds of two-hundred-40 kilometers an hour.
The storm has been pounding the eastern coast with torrential rain and wind, sparking heavy
rain alerts and grounding both ships and planes. More than 15-thousand people have been evacuated
and damages have been reported as violent gusts of wind caused trees to fall and windows
to shatter. Power outages have left 13-hundred homes in
the dark.
The typhoon is expected to strike China on Saturday... and make its way toward the Korean
Peninsula on Monday. Nepartak will lose some of its force by the
time it passes Korea's east coast, but heavy rain and strong winds are still expected to
lash the nation from Monday through Wednesday. Lee Minyoung, Arirang News.
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Super Typhoon Nepartak makes landfall in Taiwan

760 Folder Collection
楊文伶 published on July 8, 2016
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