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How to Feed a Baby Bird. Baby birds sometimes fall from their nests, and sometimes are knocked
out by storms or other natural causes. If you find a baby bird, here's how to feed it.
You will need Empty berry container Heating pad Dog kibble Hot sugar water Bowl Spoon
Hardboiled eggs Baby cereal Toothpicks Canned cat or dog food Lean raw beef and fruit. Step
1. Place the baby bird in an empty berry container on top of a heating pad to it keep warm. Handle
the bird only when necessary. Step 2. Prepare the food by soaking dog kibble in hot sugar
water for 1 hour. Step 3. Remove the kibble from the water and mix it with baby cereal
and a hardboiled egg. Feed the baby bird with this mixture for the first couple of days.
Step 4. Make a pea-size ball with the food mixture and place it in the baby’s mouth
using a toothpick. Never force food or water into the bird’s mouth. Step 5. Feed the
bird every 15 minutes over the first couple of days. When it's stronger, feed it every
30 to 60 minutes. Step 6. Feed the baby bird room temperature canned dog food, lean raw
beef, and fruit after the first couple of days. Step 7. Wean it away from hand-feeding
once it starts moving around. Did you know In 2007, an ostrich egg set a record for the
largest egg from a living bird at 5 pounds 9 ounces.
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How to Feed a Baby Bird

313 Folder Collection
Lin Peiyu published on July 8, 2016
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