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You are so needy.
Why are you so cute?
Who's that?
You can't sit up here, I'm about to film a video.
You can't sit up here.
Good girl.
Don't give me those little puppy dog eyes.
Hello everybody, today I'm going to be doing
an ASOS haul.
And I'm actually going to be trying the clothes on in this video, because
I don't really know why I've never fully done this before...
I think just because I don't do clothes hauls that often.
But when I watch them I find it really useful to see what it looks like on.
So therefore
for this video
I'm gonna make it like a try on...
Try on session. And also just because--
it's one of those things you do when you get your like girlfriend around
you're all sat around
and you've been shopping and you actually do put
things on
for kind of a second opinion.
So I want you guys to be my second opinion here.
Even though by time this goes up I probably would've already made up my mind.
But still.
I just thought it would be a little bit more fun.
So the reason for this ASOS haul is because
I'm going on holiday
next week or this week depending on when you're watching this video.
Not that I really needed any new bits and pieces.
But there is something quite nice about
going away with like new clothes
and being so excited to put them on.
And just because a lot of the summer things that I did have
were from like last year and the year before
and when I did my massive wardrobe clearout the other day
I did get rid of quite a lot of things.
there were many bags that went off to the charity shop with all my other summer things in.
So that other people can enjoy them.
But that did mean I had quite a gap in my wardrobe
for more summery items.
A bit of late night shopping on ASOS...
And the damage is pretty bad.
It came in a freaking box
and that's how you know you've ordered too much
because normally it comes in a bag.
But yeah...
I'm gonna get started
and I'm going to pull things out and I'm going to show them to you
and insert little clips of me trying them on.
First thing I've got in here
is actually
a night shirt.
And I fell in love with this because...
I don't know if any of you remember
I have this really old kind of 80's inspired Barbie jumper
That I've had for a really really long time.
And then when I saw this one which is like...
I think this is 70's Barbie.
Um, I... love this.
It's just a really big night T-shirt
And this is in an extra small.
I also picked up this bomber by Pull&Bear
It's quite a long one
which I don't think I have any long ones of these.
I am so into bomber jackets right now.
I am really starting to get quite a collection.
And I just really loved the colors in this
Look at this.
It's beautiful!
I'm all about that like leaf print.
Especially when it's with pink.
Leaf and pink I am obsessed with right now.
Um, and I got that in a...
Yeah, in a small.
Definitely don't think I would wear this with this outfit.
I think this would look really cool with denim jeans.
I quite like the length of this,
it's actually really comfortable.
It's not too thicky either, it's really nice, thin...
Fabric. So I think this is nice just for general summer time,
but also really nice just for holiday I think.
This next dress is by Denim & Supply
and it's by Ralph Lauren.
And it's just this really beautiful white cotton dress
with, um-- floaty sleeves.
And I just think it's really pretty.
It was a little bit on the pricey side,
but I really love all the detail.
Plus, white just looks lovely with a tan and a little summer hat.
And some sandals.
Oh, and I got that in an extra small.
I like the sleeves,
and I like how it feels.
I'm just not sure if it's quite see-through.
I don't know whether this could be like an everyday dress
or whether this would have to be like a bikini throw over.
But I really like it, I think it's quite nice.
I also picked up this, which is...
just an ASOS throw on over bikini type dress.
But I thought it was really cute and it had this little V here.
And although it is quite sheer
which I think is why it's meant to be like over a bikini
or I guess over a bando or a little pair of shorts.
I just thought it was a really nice length and I really liked the short sleeves on it
So I'm excited to see what that looks like.
This is actually a size 4,
but I know with ASOS if there's a 4 and a 6 I always go for the smallest one,
because their sizes can kinda vary depending on what it is.
And I think this is supposed to be quite baggy.
Um, so we shall see what that looks like.
Okay, I put a bikini on for this one just so...
You know, I had the appropriate swimwear on underneath.
But this is really cute too, I really like this.
Just a throw on at the beach.
This is also something just to throw on over a bikini
or going down to breakfast,
when we go to breakfast in the mornings.
And it's this adorable white playsuit
with very strappy straps.
Do you see that? Do you see that?!
The only thing is that so much of these comes quite creased
like this is really creased.
I'm gonna have to a huge ironing session before I go on holiday.
But yeah, I just thought that that would be really nice and really simple
and also just really easy to throw on at the beach or by the pool etc. etc.
And I got that in size 6.
Well, this is for sure see-through.
Where are the straps?
I'm not sure about this.
I mean, you wouldn't be able to wear it without a bikini.
Like, this is definitely a bikini throw over.
I'm not sure about this one.
Next up is this really pretty denim
kind of Bardot style dress.
It's that really thin, very cottony denim
which I quite like especially if your going somewhere very hot,
because then you're not like too hot.
And it's just very light and easy to wear.
So, I picked this up--
This is actually a brand, this is Pimkie.
Collection Pimkie.
And I got that in a small.
This bit is quite freely but it covers your boobs so it's all good.
Yeah, I like that.
Next up!
Is a little stripy bodycon dress.
Now I-- I mean i don't know what you do on your holidays,
but in the evenings most of the time
we go out for dinner or we go down to...
I don't know the beach or we just--
we just make a little bit more effort in the evenings, put a bit of make up on,
cause you won't have been wearing it all day.
And I just felt like I didn't really have anything that was
a bit more evening wear.
There was a lot of beach wear, pool wear, bikinis
and i was like: "oh wait, what am I gonna wear when we actually go out to dinner?"
So I looked at quite a few bodycon dresses,
because I really like bodycon dresses.
I would say it's kind of middle length.
I like that it has short sleeves, so I'm not gonna get too hot.
And I just think with a pair of sandals that it would look really nice.
That is in a size 4.
You can't really see it,
I'm scared I'm gonna bash my head.
But... I like this.
I think this is nice.
I like that the neck is high.
Yeah. I like this one.
Think that ASOS sizes are usually quite true...
obviously there are a lot of different brands within ASOS
and I can't speak for them necessarily
but sometimes you do get the odd garment that you're like
"Wait they do that in a size 2?"
Which generally is a size 6
I normally just go for the smallest sizes
especially with things like bodycon dresses,
because I just want them to be actually figure-hugging.
And bodycon--
Oh my god, that was really weird.
Like, a petal just flew up my skylight window.
Like a little fairy.
If you're a similar size to me ASOS is "the" place.
And always just go for the smallest sizes.
But generally a 6 is a 6.
Which is good.
I also got this one.
Which is slightly different, because it has more of like a
off the shoulder cut and it has these tiny little sleeves.
And again it's stripy, but it's...
it's that stripe that's quite flattering, I think.
because it's coming into the middle and then there's a little band
and then it's just diagonal stripes
with a little slit at the side.
And that is also a size 4.
Very figure-hugging.
But... I quite like this. This is nice.
It feels really comfortable too.
Now, I didn't necessarily buy this for holiday,
I kinda just got these for like summertime in the UK, because...
Here in the UK our summer is not...
Very consistent, shall we say?
So... Some days it's hot, some days it's... meh.
And on the "meh" days I just wanted some dungarees.
Like, I live in dungarees, I freaking love them,
so I thought these looked quite cool.
I just really liked the color.
I also really liked the fact that they were skinny.
Like, at the bottom, like, they're skinny ones.
So, I'm really interested to see what these are gonna look like, because...
I have no idea.
And these are the brand Liquor & Poker
which I have never bought anything from before
and these are a size 6.
We shall see.
This is like trying to put jeans on...
Without any zip...
Come on, bottom.
Okay, I'm in.
I thought they would fit me around the legs and around the bottom
but I did not think they would fit me like... here.
Which I guess is...
I mean it could've been...
No, I think if it was tighter you could've possibly have a case of the old cammel toe.
So, I think this is about as tight as you're gonna get.
I really like these.
I don't know why I didn't think they would actually look alright.
There you go. They go to my ankles.
This is actually a Missguided dress on ASOS
and it's technically a T-shirt dress and it's just a metallic.
And this was one of those things that a was like
for a night time I think this is going to be super cool.
I love that the sleeves are slightly longer, so they'll hang quite long down.
Um, and... I don't know. I don't know what this will look like on.
I think it will either make me look like I've got shiny Barbie boobies...
Do you know what I mean? By that? No?
Like see how my elbow looks like this and it goes shiny.
Yeah, that's what I mean.
Or I think it will look really cool.
I'm not sure.
I feel like...
I don't know...
Not sure about this one.
I don't know if I love it or if I just think it's okay.
I mean it's not that expensive and I probably would wear--
It would look great with more of a tan, wouldn't it?
Let me know what you think of this one
cause I am undecided.
Got these in a 6.
These are like beach trousers...
I've never owned anything like this before.
But they have huge slits at the front
and they're just super fled.
Again, I just really love this color
it's like a terra cotta kind of orangey pink.
And I really liked those and they're like stretchy
so they'll be nice and comfy.
Or I could look like I'm part of the Bee Gees Tribute Band.
I think this is one of my favourite things, you guys.
This is by a brand called Surf Gypsy
and it's a size small
and it's just this little top
it's a little crop top and it's just lacy.
But look at the back. The back is so pretty.
It has three little buttons and then like a big gaping hole.
But I just thought that would be so pretty with shorts
or you know to throw over the top of the bikini...
And I'm very happy with that. Very, very happy with that.
I probably wouldn't wear these two things together.
I would probably just have these trousers with...
I don't know.
Like a tighter top? I think.
I think this works well with like shorts or something.
So, I probably wouldn't wear the two together,
but I like both.
Oh no.
You guys, I like too much of this.
Okay, I'm not sure how I'm gonna be able to show this,
because it's extremely see-through.
But um, again I wanted something for the beach and by the pool.
So, I ordered this peach dress.
Which just ties over your shoulders like this and then flows all the way down.
And it just looks really pretty.
It's just a very lovely color
and again I just think with a tan this looks so nice.
And it's just so easy.
I just feel like when you're on holiday
and you wanna throw something on
and you know... quickly cover up.
Things like this are brilliant.
I decided to put a swimming costume on and show you this one which...
is as I thought it will be.
Sheer and peach.
But sooo pretty.
And if any of you are wondering where this swimsuit is from,
it has a cat on it, I don't know if you can see the cat.
It's got like a crisscross back.
This is from... Lazy Oaf.
But yeah, I quite like this.
It's so cute. How cute are these shorts?
They have this cute little tassels.
And they're just freely...
And they're high waisted...
And I just think these will be amazing for holiday.
Very airy and light and again
you just throw them on top of bikinis and just... you're all good.
And I got those in a 4.
So I put a body on to wear under this,
but as you can see these are quite see-through.
I think these are definitely like bikini shorts.
But they're really cute, I really like them.
I got this, again, to throw on top of a bikini
just because I really liked this.
It has two little slits down the side.
This is the brand Evil Twin.
Never heard of it. But it looks quite cool.
I got this in a small.
And it's completely see-through so again I probably won't show you what this looks like on.
But you can kind of see...
The sort of thing it is, it's just... again, to throw on over the top of stuff.
is... Surf Gypsy again.
And this is a playsuit.
Very floaty, very pretty.
The button that does up at the top,
or you can leave it undone which will be very revealing.
So it's completely up to you.
I kind of wish the button was maybe a little bit further down.
But the pattern is really, really pretty.
I don't know.
But then over a bikini it will probably be fine.
It is quite cute.
Next up are these cute little short dungarees playsuit thing.
And this is actually by BooHoo on ASOS.
And... these are a size 6.
And these are just really cute.
Look at these little shorts.
I don't know if these will fit either, they look quite small.
Um, but we shall soon find out.
I just thought they were quite nice for summer
whether on holiday or not.
I put a little stripy top on that I've got
with this outfit.
The only thing I will say is that I for sure need to adjust these straps,
because... got a bit of a front wedge going on.
But it's very bottomy like...
without flushing you my entire bum cheeks...
it is a little bit, um... short.
I don't know, I think it's actually alright.
And the last item of clothing is this playsuit.
With this really pretty pattern on it
and there are some like long sleeves.
And it's by the brand Oysho and this is in a size small.
And it has like little tassels on the front...
I really like this, I think it's really pretty.
Oh... something ripped.
This one's so cute, I love this.
Yup, I am loving this.
I love that you can tie this like this...
or let it down...
Onto accessories.
I picked up this beautiful necklace.
Look at that.
It's soo pretty.
It has little circles, half moons and, um...
half circles?
And it is so pretty.
Oh, it's full moon, half moon!
Full moon.
Half moon.
And.. toe nail moon.
I also bought this, which is actually from New Look
and it's an arm cuff.
Now, I've never worn an arm cuff before...
or maybe I have when I was really young.
And I have quite little skinny arms.
Definitely need to work out more.
So I don't know if this will fit or not,
but it's soo pretty.
And I guess the only way of me finding out is to cut it off.
But then I don't know if I can return it if I do cut it off, so...
But it's really pretty it has like a dreamcatcher on it
and then lots of little leaves.
So, we shall see if that fits.
And then another thing I actually haven't worn for a really long time...
Is an anklet.
Do you remember the good, old days of anklets?
I feel like I used to wear them all the time.
That and toe rings.
Um.. but this was just a really pretty one.
Again, this is New Look.
And there's a lot going on here and my ankles are pretty skinny, so...
We'll see how this looks, but...
If there's any place you can get away with wearing an anklet I feel like it's on holiday.
Although to be honest, if I could get away with wearing anklets any day of the week
I so would.
Onto shoes!
Okay, so the first pair I picked up were these.
I'm not the biggest lover of flip flops...
But I like something that's really easy to slip on and off
at the pool or at the beach, because like
I hate like fiddling around with buckles
or tie up straps etc. etc.
And these looked perfect, because you can literally slip your foot in,
slip your foot out. They're metallic, which is great.
And I don't remember how much these were, but these are just ASOS. I think.
I don't really wear heels on holiday, mainly because...
A lot of the like little towns and places that you visit are quite cobbled.
Like, there's not a lot of flat streets.
So I've gone for a tiny heel.
And also I'm loving this whole like espadrille type vibe...
But I don't know that I really like espadrilles...
So I feel like I've got a little bit of the espadrilness
with this roping around the side,
but actually all they are is like the tiniest little wedge sandals with buckles.
So... And also they're so light.
Like, so light.
I don't even feel like you'll feel as though you're wearing chunky-ass shoes.
So I just thought they would-- Wow.
So I just thought they would be quite nice for the evenings.
Or if I wanted a tiny bit of added height.
without wearing shoes, because I really don't wanna break my neck on holiday.
I also picked up these.
Which I think will be really nice for the evening too.
You have a little toe section.
A lot of people don't like things between their toes,
um... Which...
I feel you sometimes, like I get it.
Sometimes I don't either, but
these were so pretty.
And these are ones that tie up your leg.
So you tie these, there you go.
Like that.
And then tie up your leg and...
I just thought they would be quite pretty with shorts...
For going out in the evening...
I don't know. They were just really cool.
And then these last shoes were kind of an impulse buy
and I can like hear most people like...
reeling in horror at them, because...
They're quite out there.
I guess.
But I have this thing with shoes where...
Every now and then I like to wear a pair of shoes that aren't just an ordinary pair of shoes.
And I feel like these go quite nicely into that category.
They're little unicorn shoes!
Look how cute these are!
But yeah, how cute are they?
So cute.
That is everything I picked up from ASOS.
But let me know in the comments which things were your favoutire
and I will also leave links to everything I've mentioned, where possible
in the description box.
So if you like any of these then check out the links.
Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it
and if you prefer to see me trying things on...
And I will see you again very, very soon.
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Huge Holiday ASOS Haul & Try On | Zoella

616 Folder Collection
Heidi Cheng published on July 7, 2016
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