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Now, Chris. You thought of a new game for us to play, uh..
Captain America was frozen for seventy years,
and we're going to see who gets frozen tonight.
The game is called “Frozen Black Jack”, ok?
So, we're going to play the first round, and then we're going to see what happens, ok?
(Yeah.) I'll just deal normal Black Jack to you. I'll be the dealer.
So first one goes to you. I turn it up. Four.
And me, down. Then you, up. (Alright alright!) Five.
That's good, and then me, up.That's seven, ok. (Alright. It's good hand.)
So nine versus seventeen, maybe?
Hit me!
There you go! Ok, buddy!
Eight, nine, eight, nine! Face! Yeah! Hahaha, alright, alright!
Ok, I don't, I don't like this game already.I don't, I don't like it.
Alright, so here's...I gotta...You're staying, right?
Yeah, oh, I'm staying!
Yeah, you're sure, though?
We got to do straight here!
You got to flip over your card first!
Oh, that's true, you're right...
Alright, seventeen! I mean, you know what, flip it over!
Haha, normally what I do is to stay at seventeen, but you know what?
Flip it over, I dare you!
Alright, no, so, what is the, what is the twist?
Well, here's the twist, here's the twist.
The twist is, the winner gets to pour, hahaha.
A pitcher of water!
And let's be clear! [laugh]
Do you see this? Do you see this?
It's ice! It's ice water!
Where is the funnel ending up?
Yeah, I should have made that clear.
You're going to go down to your pants, big guy!
Oh, hey, should we stand here? Where should we stand?
I don't want anyone to see.
Maybe camera, use this camera, and I'll turn around.
Right through the zipper?
Ohh, no no, I think, I think we go, yeah...
You know it's going to take a long time!
Dude! Do you want to sit down?
I hate this game! (Ready?) I don't want to...
Alright! (Alright!)
(My god...) Alright!
(How did you come up with...) Actually, I knew it wasn't going to take too long!
How did you come up with this game?
Oh, god!
Alright, so this game is called “Frozen Black Jack”.
I hate this game!
Oh my gosh! (It's a good one!)
It was still there, man! It's still happening!
Alright, here we go. You deal this time.
Ok, so I got down you first?
Yeah, I know, it goes...uh...I'm sorry, I'm freaking out right now.
Base up to me, (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Base up to you.
(Yeah, yeah, sure, yeah) Down to me.(Yeah, yeah yeah, hit me!)
Base up to you. Alright! (Oh, seventeen! And you have a six!)
Yeah, what are you going to do? (I'm going to stay, my man!)
You going to stay? (Yeah!) Bad news!
What do you mean bad news? Oh!
Cause I got a... (Sixteen?) Oh, come on, give me a five!
No no no no, please don't...
Oh, now, oh! It's a push!
It's a push! ( It's a push!)
(So that means) We going to clear it out! (You get the tube!)
We clear it out! We clear it out! (No! I think I figured it out!)
Woh! But, oh, wait (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Just go, you know, you got to...) who saw the seventeen?
No, we're going it again!
No, it's your... it's fun!
Oh, I win?
You lose! [laugh]
Alright, I'll lose, I'll lose, I'll lose. I'm ready!
Haha, so, haha, this is, an ice cold pitcher right here.
This is an icy, icy, icy cold pitcher. (Oh, no, no!)
It's an icy cold pitcher right here.
Get it in there. Is that in the undies?
Alright, go, go!
Dude, look at that ice floating...
Hahaha, alright, alright!
Look at that ice floating...(Alright, alright!)
Oh, god! Hahahaha.
I know, I know, I know. It's all coming back. I kinda like the game!
I kinda like the game now.
Let's go! One more round, one more round.
Hey, you know what? [laugh] I thought, I thought of another name for this.
We can call this “Chilly Willy”.Could do the name of this game.
Alright, here we go. Ready for this?
I'm ready!
Whoa, ha, ha. It's the final round. I know. (It wakes you up!)
It really does! It really is!
I'll do this every morning! Forget coffee!
I'll do it every morning. It keeps me up!
Alright, here we go.
Uh, where does this go, I go down? No, I go to you up, first.
(Sure.) Bang! Then it go down to me. (Yeah!)
Then it go up to you, right? How are you doing, by the way? Everything cool?
This is great. I'm enjoying Black Jack! This great! (You're loving it?)
I'm just here to play Black Jack, that's it!
Here we go. Uh...
Oh, yeah. Flip up. (Oh, ok.)
So I'm telling... (I'm liking my situation. I'm going to stay.)
So you're going to flip your card over.(What?) I know what I'm doing, yeah. (Really?)
(Face, face!) Normally I'l never do that, ok.
And a face! Come on, big money!
Oh...(Twenty one!!)
Twenty one!!
That is great! (Look at this thing.)
Ahh, wha...what?
Hahaha! The final round! The final round! The final round.
Can you even lift that?
No, I did not...I didn't know this is happening.
I think... woo my gosh...I can barely hold it.
I think you got to sit down for this one.
Al...right. [cry]
I got to be honest with my...(Oh, man!) with my finger injury.
I'm a little weak. I don't think I can hold this whole thing.
I love you, dude! Thank you so much for coming on the show.
[more screams]
Alright, thanks to Captain America himself, Chris Evans!
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Frozen Blackjack with Chris Evans

23861 Folder Collection
李宣億 published on July 16, 2016    李宣億 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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