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  • How's it going guys?

  • Deven here with make anything

  • And I just want to share with you this awesome illusion that I just reverse engineered .

  • Umm..., I post the link in the description to the original

  • But basically, this video blew up on reddit and umm of this illusion

  • And everyone was asking for someone to 3D print it

  • So, I whipped this up as fast as I could

  • Umm, so yeah

  • As you can see from this side, it looks like a square

  • And this side looks like a circle

  • So I'll have an actual in depth video and how I made this coming up this later this week

  • But basically, the way it works is the true shape is this

  • And this is actually what you get when you blend a circle into a square

  • This is the shape that's right at the middle

  • And then two of the sides are arching upwards

  • and the other two are dipping downward

  • And that basically... well

  • Sort of correct this hybrid squircle into either a square or a circle

  • by compensating in opposite directions

  • So it's basically blending back into a square

  • Or blending back into a circle

  • when the true shape is right in between

  • So that's pretty cool

  • Yeah, like I said

  • It's two in the morning

  • I don't have time to go into so much details right now

  • but I'll have a video soon

  • So please make sure to subscribe if you want to see how this is made

  • And just generally see really cool 3D-printed things

  • Thanks guys

How's it going guys?

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A2 US circle umm square illusion blending basically

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works

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    韓澐 posted on 2016/07/10
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