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Hello I'm Simon, welcome to Simon's Cat Logic, we'll be finding out from a cat expert
why cats behave the way they do. Today we're going to talk about boxes.
Well we all know that cats love boxes and out of my four cats I'd have to say
it's Teddy that loves boxes the most he goes crazy for them, if there's a box around
he will find it and he likes to sneak around and he's quite mischievous so
he's always finding somewhere to hide and you'll see his two little black fluffy ears sticking out of it
it gives him a perfect ambush place to jump out on the others, which he does quite a lot.
Cats feel safe in enclosed spaces
This explains why cardboard boxes are immensely popular. They feel safe having
something enclosed and particularly something with sides. All cats need to be able to hide—
not just the scaredy cats or not just when there's fireworks outside. Even confident cats need
the ability to hide even if it's just for a few moments.
Sometimes owners buy an expensive cat tower for their cat and whilst they're busy
constructing it turn round to find that their cat is more interested in the cardboard box it came in.
Boxes make great cheap toys which you'll notice in the video
Simon's Cat -'The Box' where Simon's Cat has a lot of fun playing with a box that's been left lying around.
So, whether your cats play by themselves with a box or with other cats they are a lot of fun.
You could also use them to make a cheap enrichment toy.
This is basically feeding a cat in a more interesting way, that's more mentally stimulating
compared to feeding them in a food bowl.
So, what I'd recommend, is get a cardboard box
put some of their dry food in, which is part of their daily allowance
and then scatter in some dried leaves. Cut two holes into the box for access and then
watch your cat having hours of fun whilst they try and hunt out those biscuits in the box.
Well cats can get really creative when they're playing with boxes and I wanted to sort of capture that.
Well, what I liked about designing this box film was trying to think of all the different ways that cats use boxes.
So not only were they running around inside, but they're also using the little holes in the side
and also playing with bits of cardboard they'd torn off.
So it was nice to get all of that into that film.
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Simon's Cat Logic - Why Do Cats Love Boxes?!

28177 Folder Collection
Angela Yeh published on July 12, 2016    Angela Yeh translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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