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We are doing an absolute internet first today
We are going to remove a loose tooth. Let's see it
Wiggle it, oh yeah. We're going to remove a tooth with a squirrel
Ok. First things first. We got the Kleenex
How is it going?
What if it pulls out while you tie it? It's not going to...but there's a squirrel already right there
just waiting to do our work
Okay, lift up your tooth. Okay, let me see, look up here
Okay, stay like that. That's perfect. Okay, now hold on
Okay! So, check this out. Hold on a second. The squirrel is actually coming already
Okay, here. Hey, look at me. See, see we got a little dental floss tied to a
rope with some granola on it. When the squirrels come, they're going to run off
with the rope and take the tooth with it.
Here they are already. Okay. This guy's going to get it.
Oh, this is going to work all right.
Oh my goodness. One of them is gonna go on the bench.
He's got it.
Ok, he hasn't got it yet
He's got the piece! Did it work? Is the tooth out? Don't worry, don't worry, we're gonna get it
It's up here. It's up here. Here we go.
Look! I got it all along with the Kleenex, the Kleenex is underneath
Oh, Mila, come here
I can't focus on it
This is the tooth. It's the squirrel, he's still cutting the bread.
Okay, wait until they finish
Hey, that's our tooth
Ok wait. Eat the bread, eat the nut
That was amazing. Okay, here. Wait we got to keep your tooth
Is he coming back? Oh he let go of it
Okay we got here. Here, Mila, hold this
Look at that
Can I have another five dollars from the tooth fairy? Hahaha! High five
What do you have to say about that? Good!
That was amazing
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A World First - pulling a tooth using a LIVE SQUIRREL!

13045 Folder Collection
楊雅筑 published on August 23, 2016
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