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  • Once I was a small girl and I loved to dance, draw, sing and create.

  • And then I grew up to become a teacher.

  • No, not that kind a teacher!

  • I became Lana, a creative teacher

  • It is so easy to be a creative teacher today when the only thing you have to do is to browse

  • for other people’s ideas. Modern teachers would not be able to survive without

  • SMART phones, MEMORY sticks and INTERACTIVE whiteboards.

  • But can they turn SMART and use their MEMORY to create INTERACTIVE lessons?

  • I am trying to encourage creative learning

  • To feed my studentscreative thinking, I always open my treasure chest full of originality,

  • innovation and imagination, and ask them to ponder over the complexity and elusiveness

  • which creativity brings to our lives.

  • Surprisingly, the smaller we are, the more insightful our answers are.

  • To think likewise, we have to free ourselves from the chains of ANDROID applications, INFORMATION

  • technology and MOBILE phones, unless we want to become ANDROIDS, who seamlessly communicate

  • their INFORMATION, totally imMOBILE.

  • I assess the process, not the product

  • When teaching, I do strive to instill in my students the true value of the learning process.

  • She keeps telling us that learning is not only about the destination, but the journey

  • itself, about the wonderful way of self-discovery.

  • I committed myself to looking beyond the obvious in order to help my students become rich with

  • ideas, wits and reasoning. I do that by showing them that iPADS can be used to PAD our brains

  • with creative thinking, TABlets to TAB our thinking outside the box and lapTOPS to TOP

  • our own treasure chests with our own creative wealth.

  • I am proudly teaching small children

  • People very often misunderstand my life mission and ask me why I completed my PhD if I wanted

  • to teach the SMALL.

  • What they can not comprehend is that teaching the SMALL fosters the BIG.

  • My daughter very often does not understand how inspirational she is and asks me

  • Mum, will you always TEACH me?

  • What she can not realise is that mums TEACH their children all their lives.

  • I am Lana, a mum-teacher, and I will never stop teaching...

Once I was a small girl and I loved to dance, draw, sing and create.

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