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  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin

  • My name is Blocko, your virtual tour guide, and we are about to explore the human body.

  • You probably can't tell right now but we're inside the body of a giant

  • Luckily for us, we caught him while he's sleeping.

  • I'm pretty sure he was dreaming earlier, because his arms and leg muscles were temporarily paralyzed,

  • and he kept mumbling something about dinosaurs.

  • So, needless to say, this is a pretty cool giant.

  • Oh no, I think he's waking up now.

  • And he's running, judging by how fast he's breathing, of course.

  • Let's go take a look.

  • The air this giant is breathing is flowing down his trachea, and into the tubes called the bronchioles

  • And if you look ahead, you can see where the alveoli are located.

  • Surrounding these air-filled sacks are a bunch of capillaries where the red blood cell pass by.

  • The blood is capturing oxygen from the air around us while carbon dioxide is being released into the sack.

  • And we better get out of here soon because this guy is going to exhale.

  • Quick, let's jump into the capillary.

  • Woo, welcome to the roller coaster that is your circulatory system.

  • The oxygenated blood around us is traveling through the pulmonary vein to the left side of the heart.

  • From there, it gets pumped to the rest of the body,

  • giving the giant's muscles the oxygen they need to turn glucose into energy

  • And see those little molecules?

  • That's carbon dioxide being released into the blood

  • It will eventually reach the right side of the heart

  • and get pumped back over to the lungs, where it'll be breathed out.

  • And this process just keeps going on and on and on, until, well, you stop breathing.

  • Hmm, it seems like the giant has stopped running

  • Let's go up a little higher and see what's going on, shall we?

  • Okay, I don't want to alarm you.

  • But there is a massive boulder of chewed food above us.

  • And I think it's pizza. Definitely pizza.

  • Not the best post-workout meal, but I approve.

  • As you can see, the food isn't just falling down the esophagus

  • It's being shuttled down as the muscles in the walls contract

  • And if we fast forward a bit we can see the food pass through a sphincter and into the stomach

  • Now isn't that amazing

  • Okay. Now don't get too close to that juice down there.

  • It's filled with mucus, enzymes, and hydrochloric acid

  • And that stuff burns

  • The stomach is breaking down that pizza into a liquefied consistency called "chyme"

  • Oh no, the blood vessels around the stomach seem to be closing

  • This guy is feeling some serious butterflies in here

  • Let's go find out what he's doing

  • Oh, it looks like he's on a date

  • You're probably wondering why everything is upside down, though, right?

  • Well you see, when the light is entering the eye,

  • it passes through the cornea and the lens, inverting the image when it reaches the retina of your eye

  • It's the brain's job to make sense of this information, and flip the image back around

  • And speaking of the brain, let's go give it a visit.

  • So back in the opptical lobe is where the brain perceives vision, including the site of this guy's amazing date.

  • And speaking of his date, if you look closely over here,

  • you can see the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine being released into the synapse between neurons

  • It's making me so happy just watching them.

  • Okay let's... let's give this guy some privacy and fast foward a few more hours

  • And while we do so, let's check up on that pizza he ate earlier

  • Now that it's reached the small intestine, the fun can really begin.

  • Enzymes from the pancreas and bile produced by the liver, help break down the carbs, fats, and proteins in the chyme.

  • Any water and nutrients from the incredibly nutritious pizza is absorbed by the tiny villi and sent to the blood stream.

  • Now according to my thermometer here,

  • the giant's body temperature is going down a tiny bit,

  • which means it's about time for bed.

  • The body and mind need to heal for the night so we'd better get out of here

  • This was really fun. Thank you for exploring the human body with me

  • I'm Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, and don't forget to keep on thinking.

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin

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What Happens Inside Your Body? - VR 360°

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